Le Narval

On the Narval, enter the world of the Saint-Malo sailor!
Sailing at Saint-Malo

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  • With its red toe rail, the Narval has a slightly maverick air. Perfect for setting a course to conquer the Pirate Bay! You can take a trip at 'cocktail hour' or sail off for the whole day.

    After boarding at the Tour Solidor, make your escape in sight of the Saint-Malo strongholds. At the ship's tiller, pass by the Pointe du Moulinet, between Grand Bé and Petit Bé islands. Yann keeps an eye on the course and shows you how to handle the sails. Aboard this sardine-fishing vessel, traditional sailing is both a simple pleasure and great fun. High above the water-line you can settle in comfortably - it's the perfect observation post for watching terns and other migratory birds at close quarters! Meanwhile, some of the trailing fishing-lines start twitching: it's a good catch and a chance to enjoy some really fresh fish. This is a multi-sensory experience all right, a meeting with a fascinating seafarer and history that comes to life!
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