Le Raz de Sein

A restaurant on the western-most point!
Restaurant, French regional, Creperie at Plogoff

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  • Do you know how to get to Le Raz de Sein? Go straight on, as far as you can, right to the bottom. You won’t regret it. It’s like the entire Cap Sizun in a crêpe!

    You can’t go any further. Actually you can - New York. But that really is a very long way! Might be an idea to have something to eat first! Take a seat in the Crêperie du Raz de Sein, situated on the ‘Pointe du Raz’ road. It’d be a real shame to miss out as Anne Kerloch knows her stuff, especially the wonderful Cap Sizun produce she uses. Oysters from the Le Berre brothers, vegetables from the organic farm in Plogoff and smoked fish from Jean-Paul Ganne in Plogoff, etc. “I’ve created a galette (savoury buckwheat pancake) made with great ingredients, called ‘Le Chat’ after the lighthouse, with salmon, salad and a lemon sauce,” explains Anne. “Or there’s the ‘Kerham’ with goats’ cheese from Cléder-Cap-Sizun and smoked ham…” There’s also a beautiful seascape fresco painted on the wall. So when you’ve finished your food, you can sail away across the Atlantic!
  • Chef
    Anne KERLOCH
  • Capacity
    • People :  45 place setting
  • Equipment
    • Private car park
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    • Animals accepted
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