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Contemporary creation at the ‘Village’
Artist at Bazouges-la-Pérouse

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  • Between Rennes and Mont-Saint-Michel, deep in the countryside, explore this Village for Contemporary Artists. Whether they are photographers, architects or sculptors, you will find something to interest you in their work.

    Bazouges-la-Pérouse, a little town situated between Rennes and Mont-Saint-Michel, is an important centre for contemporary artistic creation thanks to three galleries that are brought together under the same organisation: the Village. In this unusual location artists, inhabitants of the Bazouges area and travellers can meet and exchange ideas. For the artists, the Village offers assistance in creating works and exhibiting them. For visitors it offers a real awareness-raising experience related to contemporary art. It achieves this through guided tours around its three galleries, and workshops on artistic techniques. Each season is devoted to a different theme but always linked to the question of “Identities, Cultures and Territories”. Photos of gardens taken at night, sculptures of giant insects and other works lead the viewer to ask himself questions about modern art and about the world in which he lives. Every summer the Village also organises exhibitions outside its walls, in the town, the parks, the tourist offices, etc., so that the public can experience art in their daily lives.
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