Leenan Head

Aboard the Leenan Head, an unusual Zulu class boat
Sailing at Locmariaquer

Leenan HeadLeenan Head
  • The summer sunshine beams down on the Leenan Head as she sails out of Locmariaquer harbour, heading for Houat, Hoëdic or the Gulf of Morbihan. The choice depends on the weather and the very amiable skipper, Manu.

    Aboard the comfortable, Zulu-class sailing vessel, originally from Ireland, five passengers (or 12 if it’s just a day-trip) can enjoy discovering what life is like as a crew member on a traditional sailing boat. You don’t have to be an old sea-dog; Manu, Olivia and Eric are on hand to give you friendly advice about how to take in the sails, handle the tiller or drop anchor off beaches that are nothing short of paradise… Even reading a chart or learning how to use a sextant will become child’s play. And just as you would at home, everybody lends a hand when it comes to making coffee or lunch. The fun, talkative skipper will explain how to manoeuvre the boat, then switch to telling you the boat's unusual life-story or tales of his sailing experiences. There's a smiling, friendly atmosphere as you take in the wonderful views of the islands. When evening comes, crew members can curl up in their cosy wooden bunks and dream of an even longer cruise, to Ireland or maybe the Azores.
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