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Les 7 îles à bord du Fillao

Les 7 îles à la voile

The Pink Granite Coast from the sea
Habitable sailboats at Perros-Guirec

  • The Pink Granite Coast is full of amazing landscapes, which are sculpted by the sea and wind. Discover them with your family aboard a dinghy.

    Conservation sites, small creeks and sandy beaches and strangely shaped rocks: it is in this idyllic landscape that you can sail with your children and discover some of the natural sites of the Pink Granite Coast. You can do this aboard the Fillao, a 9m schooner that is easy to handle and safe. Whatever your age and ability, your skipper will invite you to take part in manoeuvres and even take the helm. Maybe he needs to hoist the spinnaker, that big headsail that allows the boat to accelerate away. If that happens, your children will certainly be smiling and show they are proud to be aboard such a fine yacht at such speed. If conditions allow, you can head for the Seven Islands, the oldest and largest bird sanctuary in France. In other words, you will be able to see the most amazing birds… and maybe also some grey seals. You will be lent binoculars so you won’t miss a thing.
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