Les ânes de Min Guen

Through the forest on a donkey
Educational farm at Saint-Fiacre

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  • In the countryside near Guingcamp, people of all ages can go for a ride on the donkeys from the Min Guen stables, and get to know these loveable animals.

    Sylvie and Jacky don't just hand you the donkey's reins and send you off on your own for a ride in the forest. "Because you don't ride donkeys like you do ponies and horses," as the lady of the house explains. "You have to spend some time getting to know a donkey." Donkey hikes are reserved for guests staying in the farm's gîte. But day visitors needn't worry. There's also a half-day discovery workshop where you can get to know these animals that have a reputation for their stubbornness but are playful too, and love titbits. A tour of the donkey stables, a fun donkey-handling course, grooming, feeding... and finishing off with a ride. Mirabelle, Pamela, Gitan and Tisan love it as much as they love carrots. Around a quarry redeveloped into a lake, coal mounds and old Roman roads, there are some very pretty paths through the Bois Meur woods and the Avaugour forest.
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