Les charmes du Kreiz Breizh

Guided tour at Rostrenen

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  • Authentic and heartwarming, discover Brittany, land of nature and legend, culture and hiking, water sports and gastronomy.

    Warm to the charms and riches of inland Brittany, still only 45 minutes from the coast: tranquil wild open spaces and a unique architectural heritage. Sports and nature enthusiasts will enjoy hiking along the GR37 and GR41 footpaths; by bike you can take one of the forest trails (one follows the old railway line from Carhaix to the Brohinière, the ‘voie bleue’, or blue pathway, runs from Guerlédan to Brest harbour and the ‘grande tranchée des bagnards’, or prisoner’s trench, is at Glomel. Stop and rest under the trees or take a trip on the Korong lake, the Nantes-Brest canal or the river Blavet. Inland Brittany has successfully kept its culture alive: dive into the very heart of the land of clarinets and ‘Fisels’ (Breton dance)!
  • From June 2, 2020 until December 20, 2020
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