Les Plongeurs du Cap

In Audierne, dive with a group
Diving at Audierne

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  • In Sainte-Evette, near the landing stage for Sein Island, you can find the buildings used by the Audierne Diving centre, which specialises in welcoming groups, whether they are diving for the first time, going to explore or train.

    Sheltered from currents at the famous Pointe du Raz, the centre has at its disposal a wide variety of sites that can be reached by people of all levels. Around twenty instructors, most of which are volunteers, take it in turns to monitor the activities: training courses for level 1, 2 and 3, diving techniques, initiation, diving rips to explore, discovery courses, marine biology classes, etc. The equipment, renewed every two years, enables 25 adults and around thirty children to be equipped (from the age of 8). The centre has two boats, a former long-liner and an aluminium barge, which can take 40 people. “We dive in Douarnenez Bay and in Audierne Bay, explains Loïc Hascoet, the head of the centre, “and we’re lucky to have a wreck that can be reached by everyone from level 1...”
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