Les Trois Frères

Join the great sinagot family aboard the Trois Frères!
Sailing at Vannes

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  • Symbol of the Gulf of Morbihan, the sinagot has a delightful charm! Originating in Séné, this 100% traditional craft is your best guide for sailing around the islands!

    All hands on deck! The three crew members shake out the sails. As the quays of Port-Anna recede, behold the black hull ready to cleave the billows. The islands look different with every changing tide, but nowhere is out of bounds to the sinagot! Its shallow draught means it can get really close to so many of the gems of the Gulf of Morbihan. Here, there's a beach of golden sand nestling behind a rocky promontory. There, a tiny harbour blossoming with colourful boats. To make the day even more delicious, you stop to share 'rations' and come ashore. When lowering the sails, priority is given to more seasoned shipmates, as those double dipping lugsails require some experience. But beginners can steer and lend a hand with the rigging. Heave ho!
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