L'Odet en kayak ou stand up paddle

Down the Odet by kayak
at Quimper

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  • Setting out from Quimper, go aboard a kayak to enjoy going down the Odet River with your family. You will be surrounded by some amazing landscapes, as you make your way down to the ocean.

    All on board to go down the Odet. At the end of your journey, discover the open seas of the Atlantic. Accompanied by a qualified guide, who loves his region, you can discover the wealth of things on offer in the Odet Valley. As you wind your way around each bend, there is another surprise in store in this wooded valley: here’s a castle and over there a heron and right out there Kerogan Bay. Just imagine that in the past Quimper was a port thanks to the Odet. Your children can ask your guide any questions they may have, and will leave having learnt a lot. This 3-hour excursion is carried out aboard a kayak, but why not give Stand-Up paddling a go? If you or your children want to try this new sport, now is their big chance. Even if you opt for different ways of moving around, you can all share this experience. We should add that if you wish to go and explore the south-west coast of Brittany, you can do that instead of going down the Odet.
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