Mab er Guip

Mab er Guip or "Guip's child", the baby of the family!
Sailing at Vannes

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  • The Sinagots of Séné welcome you for a trip with friends or a frenzied race between sinagots in the Gulf of Morbihan.

    The "baby" of the Friends of the Sinagot looks like a big boy. But today he has to prove it. Following Joli Vent and Les Trois Frères, Mab er Guip sets off from the quayside. All three dart off in a race around the Island of Arz. On board the crew are at the cleats. Each one is at his post ready to optimise the tacks: from Port Anna to the Ile aux Moines (Monks Island) it will take at least fifteen. Everything is done by trimming the sails, just like in the good old days. The bend between the two islands has to be negotiated with the caprices of the wind and the moods of the tide. "We mustn't hang around if we want to get there!" says one crew member. With a little courage and a lot of effort, Mab er Guip gets to the quayside first. Traditional sailing is a sport too!
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