Marche aquatique Iroise

Have a go at sea-wading and top up your positive energy
Aquatic walking at Douarnenez

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  • Fabienne d'Ortoli's sea-wading sessions along Finistère's beaches are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of laughter. Guaranteed to tone your muscles and make you feel good!

    Empty your mind. Leave your troubles behind. Fill yourself to the brim with positive energy and enjoy a few moments of pure joy. Fabienne d'Ortoli believes that sea-wading brings many benefits. Starting in mid-March, the former world kitesurfing champion makes it her mission to run upbeat sea-wading sessions in Douarnenez, Loctudy and Audierne. "I want it to be a magical experience for participants," the former professional sportswoman reveals. "That's why I insist on everybody taking it at their own pace. Sea-wading is a way of loosening up the joints in a workout that includes every part of the body. But it's all very gentle." The sense of calm is echoed by Finistère's ever-changing landscape. "No two sessions are the same," Fabienne continues. "The light, the wind, the birds, it's all there to be enjoyed..."
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