Minou Surf Club

Surfing with enthusiasts at the tip of Brittany
Bodyboarding, Surfing at Plouzané

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  • Not far from Brest, the Minou Surf Club allows independent surfers to get together and share their passion in a friendly atmosphere throughout the year.

    Based in Plouzané, the Minou Surf Club is aimed at promoting surfing in the Brest region. They offer two types of permit: one for leisure and one for competitive surfing, allowing people to take part in official events organised by the Federation. The club organises many events throughout the year: competitions, travel to other spots like La Torche or Crozon, evening events, etc. The guiding principle of the Minou Surf Club: passion and a friendly atmosphere. “We’re a club of enthusiasts and there’s a great atmosphere, stated Benoît L’Hostis, their president. Members of the club regularly obtain excellent results in competitions. The Minou Surf Club also offers sessions every Wednesday for children under 13.
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