Musée de l'Officier

A jouney back into the history of France, in the heart of Brocéliande
Museum, Military, Wartime memories at Guer

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  • The military schools of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan immediately conjure up images of sabres and cassowary feathers. Beyond all this splendour, a monumental museum pays homage to some of its great officers and key historical events in French history.

    After crossing the threshold of Saint Cyr Coëtquidan, a path dotted with military vehicles takes you to the museum. In an impressive building overlooking the Rivoli main courtyard, you'll find a 900m2 area dedicated to the unique story of some key events in French history, and the officers who participated in them. Avid fans of history and fine arts, and other interested visitors, will love the many collections, which include paintings, bronzes, weapons, uniforms and other objects charged with emotion. A statue of France by Bourdelle sits beside a copy of a painting from the studio of the artist David, in honour of first consul Bonapart, while General Leclerc's jacket appears to be saluting an anonymous wallet that has been pierced from side to side by a bullet! Younger visitors can join in the fun by filling out their 'mission logbook'. From exhibition to action!
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