Musée des Marais Salants

Salt in all its forms
Museum at Batz-sur-Mer

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  • The Salt Marshes Museum in Bratz-Sur-Mer is a great introduction to these fascinating thousand-year-old landscapes.

    If you are touring the salt marshes around Guerande, don’t miss the Musée des Marais Salants (Salt Marshes Museum) in Bratz-Sur-Mer. Discover how salt-pans operate, the history of Guerande salt and share the life of a salt worker in the 19th century (red furniture, traditional clothing, everyday items and crockery). You will learn all about these exceptional landscapes, which are thousands of years old, through 1500 objects, works of art, documents, models and films. Discover the history of the salt-pans, as well as their role to date: from Gallo salt production to the creation of the salt-pan landscapes, the work of the salt gatherers, the use of salt in food and in the economy (the local river boats called "gabarres", maritime trade, salt taxes…)
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