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Life aboard ocean liners
Museum ,  Maritime at Bénodet

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  • The Bénodet Seaside Museum is all about the joys of seaside bathing, but it is currently devoting an exhibition to life on board the legendary ocean liners of the 20th century. From spring 2012 to spring 2014, come and find out how people enjoyed themselves on board these giants of the seas.

    In 1912, the first France was launched. One hundred years later, in 2012, you can once again step On Board the Liners of the 20th century. The Bénodet Seaside Museum is devoting an exhibition to the art of living on board these floating palaces, with reconstructions, photos, films, models, etc.
    Ready to take a dive into the past? The 2012 season will be devoted to leisure pursuits on board. During the crossing, on ships such as the Normandie and the Bretagne, everything possible was done to make holidaymakers forget all the worries and constraints of terra firma. There were deck chairs, Punch & Judy for the children, deck games, dances, a cinema, etc. And, starting in 2013, the museum will introduce a new theme based on gastronomy and the art of the table. The exhibition will reconstruct the gourmet standards of these French-style meals that attracted holidaymakers from all over the world.
    Alongside these exhibitions, the Bénodet Seaside Museum will still be devoting one floor to the joys of seaside bathing and pleasure boating in Bénodet, including reconstructions of a beach and a hotel foyer of the 1930s.
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  • From January 5, 2019 until December 20, 2019
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