Musée Eugène Aulnette

Nature sculptor
Museum at Le Sel-de-Bretagne

Musée Eugène AulnetteMusée Eugène Aulnette
  • Located in Sel-de-Bretagne, the Eugène Aulnette museum pays homage to a local historical figure who was a multi-faceted sculptor and an environmentally-friendly pioneer.

    Eugène Aulnette (1913–1991), a figure usually unknown to the general public but famous in his native Brittany, has had a rich life. The son of a farmer, the artist worked as much with wood as with clay and crafted statues as well as everyday objects. The man was an environmentally friendly advocate ahead of his time as well as a church sexton, one of the creators of a football club and the patron of numerous local fairs… For the past twelve years, a small museum has been keeping his story alive through an interactive audio-visual show which was recently revamped with documentary films, audio testimonies and sensory boxes and which celebrates his works as well as his values as an artist. Temporary exhibitions centred around art, the environment, and the Brittany region are held in turn every two months. Nature walks and craft workshops are also regularly held there. Starting at the museum, the audio-guided walk entitled “through the heath with Eugène” takes you in the footsteps of the sculptor along a range of paths which cut through the village and the surrounding wooded countryside.
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