Mystery Park

In the style of Cluedo
Escape game at Ergué-Gabéric

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  • Set in a hangar turned into a manor house full of riddles, Mystery Park captures the spirit of the well-known board game and creates entertainment full of intriguing police enquiries.

    No! It is not quite Colonel Moutarde who killed Doctor Lenoir with the candlestick in the kitchen but it comes close! At Mystery Park, detectives for a day roam through the twelve rooms such as the music room, the vestibule and the parlour and must unearth clues to solve the mystery. Five levels of difficulty linked to age are on offer: from riddles for children aged five or over to charades and dingbats. Two police enquiries take place in the course of the game until players work out the name of the assassin, the place where the crime took place as well as the weapon which was used. Get your grey cells working! The Mystery Park riddle usually takes an average of two hours and is not an escape game against the ticking clock as such so please take your time. A catering area enables you to sit down and recover from your emotions. A large function room can also accommodate birthday parties as well as hen and stag nights.
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