Naia Museum - Le musée des Arts de l'imaginaire

Naïa Museum - Le Musée des Arts de l'Imaginaire

An unusual place devoted to art of the imagination
Museum at Rochefort-en-Terre

  • At Rochefort-en-Terre, the Naia Museum creates new sensations by exploring the little-known subject of 'art of the imagination'. A unique and engrossing museum experience.

    Located in the grounds of the Château de Rochefort-en-Terre, a listed village in Morbihan, the Naïa Museum is a blend of museum and art gallery. In this place full of history, you'll find over 200 works, mainly modern, that are born of the imagination. As you pass through the four galleries, from the medieval basement, garden and shop, there's an ongoing dialogue between cinema arts, monumental art, digital, ludic art, pop surrealism, science-fiction, painting, sculpture, photography and video. There are no labels, just music, lighting effects and interactive displays to encourage immersion. The collection and its staging are changed every year by Manue Van H. and Patrice Pit Hubert, who are in charge of the venue. Alongside them are over 70 local and international artists, who make up a universe like no other. It's disturbing, dreamlike, instinctive and fascinating, like the witch and healer who gave it its name. The Naia Museum opens the gates of the invisible!
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