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Patrimoine de Pontivy

Guided tour at Pontivy*
  • At the junction of the Blavet and Nantes-Brest canals, Pontivy reveals the riches of its past and its little known history, that earned it the name ‘Napoleonville’.

    According to legend, Pontivy was founded in the 7th century AD by a Breton monk named Saint Ivi. Pontivy’s amazing destiny saw it rise from capital of the viscountcy to that of the duchy of Rohan. It held an important place in the development of Protestantism in Brittany, played a major role in the French Revolution, and then became a new town during the time of Napoleon’s Empire, when it was improved with large paved thoroughfares, gardens, a high school, army barracks, a prison, a town hall, a sub-prefecture, courts and a theatre. The town offers guided tours where you can come face to face with its prestigious past and discover its religious heritage (church of Saint-Mériadec de Stival, the chapels of the Houssaye and Sainte-Tréphine), and civic past, for example the Recollets water-mill museum. Discover Pontivy’s little known history!
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