Pirogue aux abords des dunes de Keremma

A dug-out canoe for the whole family
at Plouescat

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  • Maybe your kids have never seen a dug-out canoe except in films of Tahiti… Now is their chance to go aboard.

    The Polynesian pirogue called the Va’a, is more impressive and exotic than its cousin the kayak. This little craft that you see in cartoons will charm your children with its bright colours, as they are often bright yellow or red. It may look like a toy, but it offers a practical means of getting around and is very sturdy. Each of you will be given an oar. You can try racing, see how fast you can go or take a break and let yourself go surrounded by some magnificent landscapes during this trip: the dunes at Keremma near Plouescat. Sandy stretches and rocky inlets come one after another with patches of clear water and then a darker more mysterious sea bed… The polynesian pirogue can seat between 3 and 7 and anyone can climb aboard as long as they can swim. Accompanying you throughout the 2h30 trip, a pirogue enthusiast will guide you along the way. All of the equipment is supplied. Just bring along something to protect you from the wind and the sun.
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