Qui Veut Pister Rennes ?

Turn detective to discover Rennes
Guided tour at Rennes

Qui Veut Pister Rennes ?Quiveutpister
  • With 'Quiveutpister Rennes', you'll explore the town through a detective-themed treasure hunt. Take on the role of a detective and enjoy all the fun of a fascinating group game.

    How about turning detective and using a police investigation to explore Rennes? 'Quiveutpister Rennes' specialises in public or private themed treasure hunts where you can explore famous or secret places and see the town in a different way. As one of a team, equipped with an attaché case containing a log-book and various accessories, you will travel through various districts to recover clues and solve puzzles. In the game known as The Souter Affair, Adam Souter has been found dead in his apartment. Who is the killer and what was their motive? To find out, you will set off to meet three suspects around Thabor Park, the Town Hall and the Place Hoche. In Robbery in Rennes, a robbery is about to be committed by the Gang’Rennes. Where will it happen? What do the gang want? It’s up to you to find out by exploring around the cathedral, the Place des Lices and the old quarter of Rennes. At the end, competitors are marked and there's a prize for the best team. Want to play?
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