Rand'eau palmée à Plouguerneau

Diving made easy in a friendly atmosphere in Plouguerneau
at Plouguerneau

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  • Young and old alike can discover the sea bed around the Coast of Legends during this underwater trip in shallow waters close to the underwater plant and animal life. Young adventurers will be enthralled by what they see.

    The adventure begins in Plouguerneau, right at the heart of the NW coast of Brittany in what is known as the Coast of Legends. In a warm, friendly atmosphere, parents and children from the age of 8 can take a boat to a place that is perfect for an underwater trip. During this crossing, young divers will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes. But this is just the start. As once in the water, they will discover forests of kelp, shoals of fish, shellfish and other amazing creatures that will make their eyes pop out… and they will probably have the same effect on parents too. The amazement will reach a climax , if they manage to get to see grey seal, which can often be found in these waters? For this one hour trip, just bring your bathing costume and a towel, as everything else is supplied. Contact the diving school to find out the dates, when this trip is available.
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