Rand'eau palmée - Pays de Lorient

Swim in the magic water of Groix Island
at Larmor-Plage

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  • The whole family can put on their flippers, mask and snorkel and head for Groix Island to swim in waters full of animal and plant life. Young divers from the age of 8 are sure to be amazed.

    Those who wish to go exploring for a day set out from Larmor-Plage, near Lorient, where they can climb aboard a motor boat and head for Groix Island, for an underwater trip they will never forget. It is on Tahiti Beach, on the north side of the island that they will enter the water. Unlike what its name suggests, the spot offers typical Breton scenery, which is superb. It is the ideal place to go exploring to discover life on the sea bed. A qualified instructor is there to help children and adults during this one-hour trip. Seaweed, anemones, seawrack, sea cucumbers… The local plant life will delight young divers. A chance too to encounter all sorts of creatures: cuttlefish, soles, gobies, starfish, urchins, shellfish and other animals. Just turn up with your bathing costume and a towel, as everything else is supplied.
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