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Get to be a paddle board ace in just a few lessons
Stand Up Paddle at Plomeur

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  • At Mathieu Hurier's watersports centre at Plomeur, you can discover the joys of paddle boarding. With a few words of advice and a little practice, you'll soon get the hang of it.

    Paddle boarding involves standing up on a board and using the paddle to move yourself along. It's a sport that is collecting more and more fans, especially women. Swell Addiction in Plomeur will give beginners their first lessons in this very user-friendly watersport. "With a bit of advice and one or two hours' practice, you'll have picked up the movements already," explains Mathieu Hurier. "Paddle boarding doesn't require any particular physical strength." And there are plenty of playgrounds where you can practise it, such as the river Odet and the various beaches between Le Guilvinec and Penmarch. "The other great thing about this sport is that it lends itself to different approaches. You can have an exhilarating time out on the waves, or you can go for a peaceful trip with the family along a stretch of calm water." The centre is open from Monday to Friday and has paddleboards for hire, as well as offering tuition and guided excursions accompanied by an instructor.
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