Terrarium de Kerdanet

Bring on the snakes!
Vivarium - Aquarium at Plouagat

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  • Reptiles and amphibians from all over the world enjoy the sunshine at Guingamp. They are cared for at the Kerdanet terrarium, a family-run sanctuary where you'll find rare and protected species.

    Monitor lizards, iguanas, other lizards, plus pythons, boa constrictors, cobras, rattlesnakes and more… The pick of exotic cold-blooded flora and fauna bask in their tanks at the Kerdanet terrarium, owned by Pierre and Katell and open to the public for over 30 years. Father and daughter are passionate about what they do: rescuing creatures that have been abandoned, lost or confiscated at customs. There are nearly 250 tortoises, over a hundred snakes, a cute family of crocodiles, etc. The family sanctuary is continually expanding. Visitors can wander as they please between the terrariums and the vivarium (30°) with their guidebooks in their hand. Don't hurry round, have a good look. Marsh frogs, which the French call 'grenouilles rieuses' or 'laughing frogs', look happy; geckos are shy. And no, you're not dreaming; you're still in Brittany.
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