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Tour de Gâvres en kayak de mer

Tour de Gâvres en kayak de mer

The thousand facets of Lorient Roads by kayak
at Guidel

  • Setting out from Kernével in Larmor-plage, you can make your way up Lorient Roads to discover this famous port, which went from being a trading harbour to a naval base to a fishing port, a holiday location, and ocean-racing base…

    In Larmor-Plage, you can climb aboard a sea kayak, either alone or aboard a two-seater, if you want to accompany your children from the age of 10. The voyage of discovery will begin when you cross the Roads and head for the citadel in Port-Louis. This impressive construction stands out in front of you. It dates back to the 15th Century, when it was built by the Spaniards. Your guide will not only tell you this story, but also everything about the Port of Lorient at the time of the French East India Company. Apart from being educational, this trip offers so much and each member of your family will find something of interest. You will discover the long sandy beaches which stretch out along the wild coast to Quiberon, but also the Gâvres lagoon with all its many varieties of bird. Once back in the Roads, the concrete bunkers will impress youngsters. They were used as a submarine base during the war. You will then discover that today, you can see ultra-modern ocean racing teams, as they have taken over this place. Plenty of things for kayakers to discover.
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