Vieux-Gréement Belle Étoile - Réplique de Langoustier

A maritime escape under sail on the Belle-Etoile!
Sailing, Sailing at Camaret-sur-Mer

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  • A manageable size, the Belle-Etoile is a very big boat in terms of her sails and her magnificent proportions. Slip into another dimension on board!

    You'll be warmly welcomed by the skipper and first mate the moment you board the Belle Etoile. With anchors away, you can have a go at hoisting the mainsail, handling the balloon jib, looking after the standing jib... You don't have to be an old sea-dog, the crew members will be there to let you into the secrets of life aboard a lobster boat. Between Lorient and Camaret, close to the high cliffs of the Cap de la Chèvre or Les Glénans, feast your eyes on the spectacle of the ocean. Seabirds and, if you're lucky, dolphins complete this fabulous scene. If you can tear yourself away from the glorious views for a few minutes, check out the cosy mess-room and spacious galley. Talking of which, a few tasty scallops are just the way to end your day, or weekend, on board!
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