Visite de Batz-sur-Mer

Guided tour of Batz-sur-Mer
at Batz-sur-Mer

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  • At the foot of the Guérande ramparts, surrounded by the ocean and the salt marshes, Batz-sur-Mer and its four villages unveil their treasures through guided tours, offbeat expeditions or nocturnal excursions.

    Batz-sur-Mer offers a tasty cocktail of maritime and cultural delights on a human scale: beautiful fine sandy beaches, a wild coastline, a mysterious chapel, a pinch of salt and a large WWW2 bunker. Nothing better than a guided tour to fully appreciate them. From spring to autumn, the local Tourism Office provides an array of accompanied themed tours. What does a salt worker do? What famous people are linked to the town? What wild plants can you safely eat? What secrets are hidden in the chapels? Besides numerous offbeat expeditions, gourmet tours will enable you to taste local produce and specialities of the Brittany region. Staying in Batz-sur-Mer also provides you with the opportunity to learn the basics of shore fishing and even to discover the marshes at sunset or through the light of legendary, and sometimes scary, folk tales. Just follow your guide!
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