Visites guidées des Falaises d'Armor

The highest cliffs in Brittany
Guided tour at Plouha

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  • The Falaises d'Armor, the cliffs along the Armorican coast, stand between land and sea to protect 14 kilometres of wild, natural coastline, beaches and rocky headlands. It's an ideal spot to get close to nature and recharge your batteries.

    The cliffs at Plouha are the highest in Brittany. They reach a height of 104 metres, offering superb viewpoints over the jagged coastline of the Goëlo area. All the way along, at the foot of the cliffs you'll see narrow inlets carved out between the rocks, and a series of quintessentially Breton ports. The port of Gwin Zegal is one of the last two mooring stages in Brittany that use wooden stakes. The boats are fastened to tree trunks planted in the sea sand complete with roots. Further inland, you can stroll across the green and blue landscape and find other curiosities. A viaduct built more than a century ago crosses the valley near Lanvollon. There's a thousand-year-old yew tree in the church square at Pommerit-le-Vicomte; the tree's older than the church. These are the types of surprising discoveries that make the Falaises d'Armor one of the most appealing corners of Brittany.
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