Voile adaptée en Baie de Douarnenez

At sea, whatever your handicap
at Douarnenez

Voile adaptée en Baie de Douarnenez©
Voile adaptée en Baie de Douarnenez©
  • In Douarnenez, you can go aboard a boat with all your children on a trip that is accessible to everyone, even if you are in a wheelchair. All the members of your family can share the enjoyment of this sailing trip, where you can get away from it all, and put your handicap to one side.

    The Handi 27 sailing boat awaits you in Douarnenez for a sailing trip that will be full of excitement for your children. Accompanied by an enthusiastic instructor, who knows everything about the bay, you will discover during these 2 or 3 hours at sea the riches of Douarnenez Bay. A way to forget your differences and simply enjoy yourselves at sea. The boat can take up to three wheelchairs, as well as the other passengers. Everyone can get involved in carrying out manoeuvres: you can take the helm, but also trim the sails. There is no minimum age limit for this trip. The keyword is accessibility for everyone. An opportunity for the family to discover this incredible boat that is adapted to your needs. The trip takes place in a remarkable and quiet setting off Tristan Island or the mouth of the Port Rhu river. A trip that you are bound to remember with pleasure.
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