Voile gourmande au pays des huîtres

On the Oyster Trail
at Moëlan-sur-Mer

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  • Often kids turn up their noses at oysters, but do they really know what they are like? Véronique will take you out for a trip on her schooner offering you a tasting session while sailing.

    The schooner Fillao awaits you in Moëlan-sur-Mer to take you out for a trip late in the day so that the whole family can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Aven and Bélon estuaries. Véronique, your skipper and guide, will suggest a route depending on what you enjoy. The principle behind the trip is to let you take advantage of these two and a half hours at sea to taste oysters, while enjoying some beautiful, natural landscapes. A real pleasure, and an ideal place to carry out a tasting session. Your kids can try oysters for the first time. What will they remember of this experience? Maybe they have not yet acquired the taste, but they will be pleased and proud to have given it a go and you can be certain it is something they will never forget. For adults, it is an opportunity to see whether you have the knack of opening the tricky oysters. On board, you can add a touch of lemon and enjoy a bottle of white wine. Whilst we recommend moderation as far as the alcohol is concerned, you can enjoy as many oysters as you want.
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