24 hours on‑board Saint‑QuayWith Christophe at the helm, navigate until sunset on an old lobster fishing boat
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24 hours on‑board Saint‑Quay

Who wants to “cleat the jib halyard on the belaying pin”? Fortunately, you don’t need to understand everything to navigate on Saint-Quay, in the port of the same name. Christophe, the friendly captain, will put sailors at ease on his wooden sailing boat. Discoveries, cheerfulness and amazement are all part of the experience of navigating for 24 hours on the former lobster fishing boat.

On course for great sensations

A feeling of joyful excitement floats over the deck. Saint-Quay is getting ready to set sail, with a motley crew on board. Christophe, dashing captain and sailor since childhood, hands out the life jackets and then gets out the XXL map. After checking the weather, he makes a sketch of the planned route. The downdraught tends to carry us towards the Bréhat archipelago. Antony casts off and the boat chugs out of the harbour with the engine running.

At the helm of a historic sailing boat

After the dyke, Christophe hands me the helm so that he can hoist the mainsail, with the help of Elsa and Antony. On the 25 T sailing boat, you need a steady hand to steer. But feeling the large hull react, between Pointe du Sémaphore and the red-topped lighthouse of Harbour Island, is such a delight.
The wind looks set to be calm, so coffee and sodas come out on the deck house. With the Plouha cliffs as a backdrop, Christophe tells us the history of Saint-Quay, its restoration and the details of its yawl-type rigging.

All sails out!

The wind is getting slightly cooler: back to the halyards and sheets! Instructed by the captain, the jib sheet is rigged to starboard and then the yawl is hoisted. With the engine off, nothing but the wind makes the sail ripple, accompanied by the sound of water lapping the hull. To keep on course to Bréhat, we stay “ready to tack”. In the middle of the stays, Christophe tells us which rope to take hold of. Between contemplation and action, there are some lovely surprises. A Northern gannet diving head first. Rays of sunshine piercing through the clouds. Or three mackerels shooting up out of the water troll-caught by Elsa.

Thousand-star accommodation

The arrival of the fish on the deck is a reminder that we need to choose somewhere to moor for dinner and the night. Anse de Bréhec welcomes us, in the shelter of its cliffs. A little shower of water falls over the deck house as the sails are smoothly lowered by Ben and Christophe. A little bit of shallot, some mustard, and the mackerels are popped into the oven while we finish our aperitif. In the saloon, the meal spotlights local products. The 27 nautical miles travelled in the day can be felt in our arms and eyes, and it’s time to slip under the covers and be rocked. Especially as it’s an early call in the morning!

Sunrise and nautical parade

At 6.30am, after a good night’s sleep, we’re back on the deck. Sunrise has stirred us from our bunks. While the granite is bathed in golden light, the sun appears on the horizon. Ben smiles widely: “I’m so happy!” “You feel like you’re at the edge of the world”, adds Amandine. The smell of coffee snaps us out of our reverie. After eating pancakes, we raise the anchor. As we approach Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Saint-Quay Portrieux, Christophe parades the sailing boat in front of Casino Beach. Back on the quay, the jib sheet is folded on the pontoon and the awning is put back on the boom. But, like Ben, we’re all ready to set sail again..

Price from

100 €

per person

This experience includes

  • navigation at sunset and sunrise
  • participation in manoeuvres
  • dinner and breakfast on-board


  • Meet at Port d’Armor in Saint-Quay-Portrieux. Departure at 2pm and return at 12 noon the following day.
  • It is strongly recommended to reserve in advance.
  • Don’t forget: waterproof and warm clothing, deck shoes and/or boots, head lamp, duvet and pillow.
  • Number of participants (max): 7
  • Period: May to October (depending on weather)
  • Foreign languages spoken: English

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