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Discover float tube fishing at Jugon‑les‑Lacs Try a novel experience with Gildas
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Discover float tube fishing at Jugon‑les‑Lacs

You can be a seasoned fisherman or a complete novice, it doesn’t matter: everyone can discover this new way of fishing at Jugon-les-Lacs, with Gildas, one of the guides at Maison Pêche et Nature fishing discovery centre. A float tube is like a floating armchair where you can sit comfortably in the middle of the lake and fish for pike, pike perch and other carnivorous fish. So don’t just sit at the edge!

A small town of character – and water

Jugon-les-Lacs, which boasts the Small Town of Character label, nestles in the heart of a green valley. We arrive in the early afternoon, after crossing the river Arguenon. In the main square, with its granite houses standing all around, people are out on the terraces enjoying the sunshine. Down below is Jugon’s big lake. The town’s name is very apt: there’s water, water everywhere! It even trickles past our feet, in a little channel that runs along the side of the Maison Pêche et Nature des Côtes d’Armor discovery centre.

UFO: unidentified floating object

This is where Gildas is waiting for us. He’s worked as a fishing guide for many years, organising fishing trips and introductory sessions for people of all ages, from three years and upwards. Today, he’s going to introduce me to a completely new sport: float tube fishing. What’s a float tube? It’s like a floating armchair that you sit on to fish. Why stay on the banks when you could be sitting in the middle of the lake? It looks so comfy that I can even see myself taking an afternoon nap…


The Perfect Fisherman’s Guide

Gildas starts by giving us some coffee, and then explains how to fish for carnivores. It’s my very first time, and I own up to not even knowing what a carnivore is. “Carnivores are fish that eat other fish. In this lake there are pike, perch, pike perch and black bass. A perch can be up to 50 cm long, and a pike has around 700 teeth.” Nine-year-old Uriel, who’s come fishing with his parents, is very impressed by all these amazing facts. Gildas shows us the lures that we’ll be using today. They’re flexible, and shaped like fish or lizards. Some of them are fluorescent pink and scented!


Like a duck to water

Now let’s go to the lake! We put on our wetsuits and put our float tubes into the water. Gildas helps us to get into them and shows us how to use our fins. Swing your feet, a kick to the right, a kick to the left. Got it! I manage to move forward and turn. It’s perfectly stable. Very soon we’re in the middle of the lake. We’re surrounded by nothing but water, trees and sky. I spend a few moments enjoying the peace and quiet, and then I try casting my line for the first time. With my rod held behind me, above my head, I get ready and then cast it forward sharply. The line flies off through the air! I never expected to do so well with my first cast.

Fun and daydreams on the water

Then you have to play with the hook and lure to attract the fish. Let it run out, bring it back bit by bit, let it run out again… Gildas encourages me: “If there’s anything to catch, you’ll catch it.” I drift off into a little daydream, as ducks fly over the lake. We move to a different spot, and change our hooks. Rozenn, Uriel’s mum, lets out a cry. She’s felt something. She reels her line in quickly: the hook has gone. “A pike must have bitten right through the line,” Gildas explains.

The first catch !

A few minutes later, Laëtitia feels her rod shaking. She picks it up but it bends towards the water. She pulls and reels. It’s a long battle, it must be a big fish. Below the surface we can make out a struggling, whiteish shape. The fish is pulling so hard that the end of the rod dips down into the water. Laëtitia flexes her tired arms, stands up straight and starts pulling again. The fish comes out of the water: it’s a handsome perch, and Gildas arrives just in time to grab it. Before releasing it, Laëtitia poses for the camera. She’s sure to remember this triumph for a long time.


We’re surrounded by nothing but water, trees and sky.

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This experience includes

  • A three-hour introductory session to float tube fishing with Gildas, a fishing guide at the Maison Pêche et Nature fishing discovery centre at Jugon-les-Lacs

Practical information

  • Excursion open to all, from the age of 12
  • Excursions run between May and November on prearranged dates, as specified
  • Maximum : 4 persons
  • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • RDV at la Maison de la pêche et nature
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