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Gourmet trip in the Bay of Cancale Picnic Breton-style on board a beautiful old sailboat
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Gourmet trip in the Bay of Cancale

How about a moment to remember at Cancale? On the programme: a boat trip around the bay aboard the Ausquémé, a traditional sailboat, to explore the hidden beauties of the bay. An unforgettable four hours at sea with tasty seafood to sample on board !

On board the Ausquémé !

Next stop is Port-Mer where Jérôme, our tanned and handsome blonde sailor awaits us. Without any hesitation he recruits us all as members of his crew! – Straight away it’s all aboard the Ausquémé. The new crew is in charge of the foresail as the captain patiently explains how to work it. And off we go on a four-hour cruise! Using sheer brawn the crew hoists the huge sail which flutters against the blue sky. The sunlight shimmers on the emerald green water and the boat picks up speed on a lively sea as the wind buffets our faces. Refreshed by the spray we feel reinvigorated. More than ready to explore new horizons!

At the helm

“Ready about!” shouts the sailor and the crew enthusiastically roll up their sleeves. Heave-ho! They seize the rope that controls the position of the sail and pull with all their strength to wind it in – one turn, two turns, three turns; it certainly gets your muscles working. The manoeuvre is a success. No words are necessary – we’re a great crew! Everyone takes their turn at the helm, proud to be steering this beautiful, historic craft.

Gourmet picnic

The jewels of this bay are revealed to us in quick succession and include the Cancale rock which harbours nests of egrets, gulls, oyster-catchers and cormorants. Then there’s the Isle of Rimains, and the Herpin lighthouse marking the entrance to Mont Saint-Michel bay. The waves and the wind gently rock the boat along; the experience is enchanting. We drop anchor and picnic on board. A sea hamper full of spices delights our palateall – washed down with a delicious cool Muscadet wine. There’s no denying it – it’s a good life at sea!


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This experience includes

  • A four-hour boat trip aboard the Ausquémé
  • On board tasting from a sea hamper full of spices made by the Ecole Cuisine Corsaire

Language spoken : French

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