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Let Katell take you into the enchanted world of the Monts d’ArréeEnjoy a ‘Ribambelles et Ritournelles’ walk filled with joy and jingles
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Let Katell take you into the enchanted world of the Monts d’Arrée

Come and join us after your siesta! Once everyone’s been introduced (musically!) we’re off on a magical musical journey. Our ‘Ribambelles et Ritournelles’ walk takes you into the Arthurian world of the Monts d’Arrée woods. Fred, our very musical giant, leads the way as your children, still a little shy, take you by the hand!

A very ‘natural’ walk

We make our first stop on a deep lane flanked by tall hedges, watched by grazing sheep. Let’s hope the singing doesn’t frighten them off! Katell is half-Welsh and half-Breton and kicks off with a Welsh language song. The origins of the Welsh language are unclear, though Maïwenn thinks there are links with Breton. There’s such a lot to learn! Suzon, Shoan and Yvan dance along with Katell right from the start, skipping and hopping along to the music. Little ones perched on their fathers’ shoulders clap in time and the grown-ups are clearly just as enchanted as their children!

A surprise in the woods

On we go along a winding pathway through the woods, over a little bridge that crosses a gentle stream – is that the weird face of a Breton leprechaun smiling at us, a little korrigan? No – it’s a puppet theatre dug out of the bank: if you want to see the full performance, you need to sign up for the special ‘puppet’ walk. Ours continues with a nursery rhyme in English recited by Katell, whose lively finger-puppets gain plenty of fans – the smiles on the children’s faces say it all, not to mention the smiles of parents and grandparents.

Time for a sing-along

Under a magnificent tree in the corner of a field, the children crowd around Katell – some are practically sitting in her lap. With everyone sitting comfortably on the grass, the singsong is about to begin – but Ethan has noticed a spider attracting the children’s attention. Katell distracts them by handing out ladybirds, who quickly take centre stage, especially when they land on the ends of little noses.

Nearly tea-time!

Soon it’s time to hit the road – or rather the path. Our sing-song ramble makes a final stop by a tree where a woodpecker has made its nest. But our Breton nursery rhyme is about another bird we all know – a little white hen. Now there’s another song to be sung, because little Paris is 6 today. And we’re off again – nearly there! – back to the place where we started, to enjoy a delicious tea-time treat, that has magically appeared on the tables while we were away: apple juice, brioche and toffees: delicious! Our hardy young trekkers are rewarded with a little colouring book full of songs, while their parents look at the photos taken during the walk as they share apple juice, cider and Breton galettes (savoury buckwheat pancakes). A good time has been had by all, how about doing it all over again, but on a different walk this time ?


Avec des marionnettes d’animaux au bout des doigts, Katell se fait d’inconditionnels fans !

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Per person

This Experience includes

  • A musical walk for children, with Katell
  • A super tea-time treat at the end of the walk
  • A colouring book ful of songs as a gift

Language spoken : English

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