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The magic of Brocéliande with DamEnoraFall under her spell
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The magic of Brocéliande with DamEnora

Off the beaten track, marvel at the enchantment of Brocéliande, a place steeped in history and legend. Those who step inside are bound to come away changed!

Fall under her spell

It’s not the Big Bad Wolf who’s waiting for us at Little Red Riding Hood’s lake (l’étang du Chaperon rouge) but DamEnora, a storyteller by trade. She who goes “where there are ears to hear” invites our little group to follow her into the land of the ‘korrigans’ – Breton leprechauns – who are very mischievous. “If you keep your eyes wide open, you may find something you weren’t expecting,” she murmurs. But will we find our way back? “I have no sense of direction,” confides DamEnora, with a wicked smile.
We plunge into the empty forest, bathed in supernatural light. The storyteller with large hazel eyes delicately unfolds a white linen cloth. From it, she takes a gilded pewter bowl, and makes it sing with a simple bit of wood. And that’s it, I am completely enthralled. Ready to listen to her stories which “are not just stories for children”. I hear suspicious rustlings… What was that I just saw in the bushes?
As we walk through the forest, we pause from time to time to listen to DamEnora. Her marvellous tales are peopled with animals, witches, fairies and humans trapped by the mischievous leprechauns. “Banead, a poor hunch-backed peasant-farmer, did not have enough land to keep himself in food. One evening, a rich farmer came to see him and offered him work in one of his fields. No-one wanted to go there because it was said that the leprechauns lived there. But Banead needed the money. The next morning, he took down his pitchfork and went to the field…”


An enchanting experience

Sometimes quiet, sometimes menacing, the mysterious voice of our storyteller leads us into a realm of fantasy and magic. The call of the cuckoo resounds through the forest. All my senses are alert. There’s a sweet scent of pine in the air. On the path, between two stories, in chorus we repeat the songs of DamEnora: “When my wife takes a bath, my servant takes his, too!”
Then, we leave the forest and pass into a clearing. We follow the shores of Queheon Lake, which sparkles as if thousands of stars had fallen into the water. Our eyes are dazzled by the brilliance of the yellow gorse blossom. And we keep our ears open. “Ladies, young and old, you beautiful ladies who want your boyfriend, your lover, your husband or all three at once, depending on your appetite for romance, to be in love with you forever, here is the recipe which will grant your wish. You need to find a really fat toad, all covered in warts,” explains DamEnora.
Minutes, then hours go by, and I don’t notice their passing. The real world has lost its hold over me. I shiver, I smile, I’m dreaming with my eyes open. Thanks to DamEnora, the legendary forest of Arthur, Lancelot and Viviane the fairy takes shape under my very eyes. I am transported, enchanted by the magic of Brocéliande.



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