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From Dinard to Mont Saint-Michel, a getaway in the great outdoorsAn escapade in green and blue on the Emerald Coast
Themed break

From Dinard to Mont Saint-Michel, a getaway in the great outdoors

Cycle across the countryside of Mont-Saint-Michel bay, hike on the mythical GR®34, paddle or canoe on the Rance, discovering historic towns and small towns of character along your way. Four active days to make the most of the open spaces and little treasures on the Emerald Coast

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4 days

At a glance

With Dol-de-Bretagne as a relaxing base, treat yourself to a four-day getaway in the open air on the Emerald Coast. Forget the car! With Mont-Saint-Michel as a backdrop, you’ll travel from medieval Dinan on the banks of the Rance to Dinard, an elegant seaside resort with Belle Epoque charm, not forgetting the unique privateer city of Saint-Malo with breath-taking views.


By the cathedral

You’ll take the train to Dol-de-Bretagne. Close to the station, Edd Hostel extends a joyful and colourful welcome. Both a youth hostel and a boutique hotel, it has double rooms with the comfort of a hotel, and dormitories to share. Designer décor, antique furniture, unlimited coffee and WiFi: the atmosphere here is warm and friendly.  You’ll also appreciate the garden and the covered terrace. 

Before dinner, take a stroll through the city centre, just a five-minute walk away. This medieval town of character has a major monument from the Breton Gothic period – an astonishing, unfinished cathedral – and pretty half-timbered houses. Prolong your evening with a moonlit outing to Champ Dolent standing stone, a 20-minute walk away.

  • The Cathédraloscope is an interpretation centre dedicated to cathedrals and skilled builders.
  • The Champ Dolent standing stone is the largest in Ille-et-Vilaine. Made of a single pink granite block, it measures 9.30 m.

View of Mont-Saint-Michel

Ready for a day in the open air? Hop on your bike – your own or hired – and pedal along to the Green Route. Stop at Mont-Dol and leave your bike at the bottom of the rock and climb up to the top (65 m). There is a panoramic view of the bay from Cancale to Granville.

  • Cockles, clams, periwinkles, etc. Mont-Saint-Michel bay is a hub for seafood collecting.
  • At La Fresnais, Lydie’s farm explains how angora sheep are bred and how mohair is made.

On the ramparts of Saint-Malo

From Dol-de-Bretagne, you’ll reach Saint-Malo in 16 minutes by TER train. Take time to admire the view from the ramparts, to stroll through the little streets, to soak up the atmosphere of the privateer city and enjoy the terraces and boutiques before boarding the sea bus that goes to Dinard on the other side of the estuary.

This elegant seaside resort from the early 20th century is still famous today for its large beach and its beautiful villas. After a picnic on the sand or lunch on a restaurant terrace, make your way to Saint-Malo on the Sentier des Douaniers (GR® 34). Without leaving the coast, a 2h30 hike will take you through the gentle landscapes of the banks of the Rance and the rocky coast flanked by the Channel. The last train for Dol-de-Bretagne leaves Saint-Malo at 8.30pm.

  • The dam on the Rance is home to the tidal plant, which can be visited independently or with a guide.
  • Transformed into a floating museum, “Etoile du Roy” is the replica of a privateer frigate from 1745.

Dinan from the Rance

For your last day, head to Dinan, a gem of medieval architecture on the banks of the Rance. The journey takes 30 minutes by train. Wander on the 3 km of ramparts that encircle the city, its 14th-century castle and its corbelled houses. Then head down to the marina, with lively and sunny terraces, and cross the Old Bridge. A hiking trail meanders along the towpath to Léhon abbey, a 30-minute walk away. Pick up the canoe or paddle board that you rented in advance from the kayak club. As you paddle, you’ll discover the coastal river in a different light, with its locks and fishing huts, before coming back to your starting point in Dol-de-Bretagne… and all without a car!

  • Every two years, the Fête des Remparts in Dinan revives the time of the knights with period costume.
  • Constructed in the 15th century, the Clock Tower (43 m) offers an exceptional panoramic view of the city.

We like

  • Oysters enjoyed on the bay in front of Mont-Saint-Michel.
  • Kayak and land sailing outings to vary sporting pleasures.

Your accommodation

Open since February 2018, Edd Hostel revisits the concept of the cosmopolitan youth hostel with its sense of hospitality, comfort and colours. After a long round-the-world trip, Emilie God designed the hostel of her dreams, focused on sharing and on slow tourism. Situated just behind the Dol-de-Bretagne high-speed train station, half-way between the hotel and the youth hostel, this hybrid place proposes double rooms on a mezzanine with private bathroom and women’s / mixed dormitories with 4 to 7 beds.

Behind the wooden façade, a terrace, a common room, a luggage room and WiFi keep a young and international clientèle happy.

Get to your accommodation without a car

The nearest train station is Dol de Bretagne

When you arrive at Dol de Bretagne station:

  • Walk to Edd Hostel – Take the Rue Pierre Semard exit, the Edd Hostel is 20 metres down the road.
  •   To consult times and book your travel tickets from your departure point, as well as your trips from Dol de Bretagne to Saint Malo, go to https://www.oui.sncf/
  • Move around Brittany at your leisure with Mobibreizh. With this tool, you can calculate your route and find out about the accessibility of each form of transport: https://www.mobibreizh.bzh/fr/


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The hosts of “En Bretagne sans ma voiture” are all committed to a Sustainable Development approach.

In concrete terms, this means that the professionals commit to:

  • Making an active contribution to the local economy
  • Practising a responsible purchasing policy
  • Training their staff in sustainable development matters
  • Managing waste responsibly
  • Reducing their energy and water consumption
  • Helping visitors in eco-mobility matters

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