Destination Brocéliande

  • La forêt de Brocéliande
  • Le canal de Nantes à Brest — Josselin
  • Le Val sans retour

At Brocéliande you can step into a land of legend and share exciting adventures as you travel through its majestic forest. Historic sites, active afternoons and fun evenings: it's all magic!

Unmissable sites


Eglise de Tréhorenteuc

An encounter with the legend of King Arthur

ollow the fairies and the Knights of the Round Table from a magic fountain to a megalithic site. At the Château de Compe r heroes come back to life, inspired by Vivienne and Lancelot. Another château, Trécesson, is dedicated to the White Lady. The amazing church at Tréhorenteuc offers an account of the Grail quest. Follow a pathway and the spirit of a wizard comes to life near Merlin’s Tomb. In this magnificent landscape it sometimes seems as though you can hear Morgan le Fay making her way along the footpaths of the Val sans Retour, singing as she goes.

Réservation en ligne — Brocéliande


La Porte des secrets

Follow the story to the end!

At the legendary sites, or at the Centre for Arthurian Legend (Centre de l’Imaginaire Arthurien), noble ladies and merry troubadours will entertain you with their storytelling. Under the trees, the storytellers' tales keep you company you as you walk along. In Paimpont, the forest warden will open the Door of Secrets for you. Against an amazing poetic backdrop, he will lead you through a fun account of the life of the little people and their beliefs.

Abbaye de Paimpont

Paimpont, a moving experience

Here you are in the depths of the Forest of Brocéliande, with a direct connection to the natural world, the heavens and your fellow-men. The abbey stands on the shore of the lake, its purple schist walls making a real splash on the landscape. Take a guided tour or wander around on your own to admire its carved woodwork. If you fancy a country walk there are footpaths leading from the village into the forest, through majestic conifers and broad-leaved trees. Moving closer to the industrial era, the restored Forges relate the epic story of ironworking in the area.

Site archéologique de Monteneuf

Following the megalith and leprechaun trail

Megaliths are all around in Destination Brocéliande. In Monteneuf, the Pierres Droites site has 420 menhirs or “standing stones” that form majestic avenues. There are workshops that give you a taste of what it felt like to live in Neolithic times. Come and find out how to move a menhir! After your archaeological efforts, the Ozegan footpath offers a few other surprises as you walk along this fun, creative trail.

Un Greeter

You'll have some surprising and friendly encounters

You'll get a friendly welcome from the inhabitants. When you follow one of the information trails they will be there to help you complete your logbook. If you like solving puzzles, get yourself a copy of the book: 'All roads lead to Merlin' (Tous les chemins mènent à Merlin), available from Bécherel among other places (several sales outlets available) and set off for an adventure! If you feel like a knightly challenge, ask the Ploërmel tourist office for the “How to tame the dragon” trail. In Locminé, modern heroes can mix virtual excitement with reality and set off “In search of the lost footprint”.


The Charm of Little Towns of Character

A trio of ducal towns will transport you back across the centuries, following the thread of a rich heritage. In Josselin you will discover one of the most beautiful castles in Brittany, with its little back streets of half-timbered houses. Malestroit, the pearl on the river Oust, is charming with its half-timbered houses and mischievous gargoyles.

Canal de Nantes à Brest à vélo

Freewheel along the greenways and Canal towpath

assing through villages, bocages (patchworks of fields) and forests, kilometres of greenways, cycle paths and way-marked routes are available for cyclists and mountain bikers. The towpath of the Nantes-Brest canal is a good place for a family bike ride or a long-distance trek. On the V3 route, the surface is so smooth that roller-skaters can glide along next to the cyclists.

Domaine de Kerguéhennec

Art in Kerguéhennec and in the open countryside

On the Kerguéhennec estate, which is open to the public, different epochs come together. Modern works of art can be found as you stroll through the grounds and the 18th-century château. Another place to discover is the arts centre of L’Aparté in Iffendic, between lake and forest. In another new departure for the creative arts, the station art-gallery in Locminé offers exhibitions and encounters. The arts have been freed!

Les jardins de Brocéliande

Activities for all the family

There are smiles everywhere you look in the Gardens of Brocéliande. You can run barefoot over nets strung amongst the foliage or with your nose in the flowers. Are you more of a water-baby? See you at the lake, then, on the Trémelin estate or at Ploërmel. At Médréac, you can climb into the saddle on a rail bike. If you want to get up among the branches, you can walk and sleep in the trees at Roc Aventure. And the dream continues at the Univers du Poète ferrailleur (Land of Metal Sculptures and Structures).

La Gallesie en fête

Music festivals wherever you look!

If you want to shake it all about, dance to rock rhythms or to Breton pipers, there are loads of venues to choose from. At the start of the summer, the Gallésie en Fête festival is a mixture of a fest-noz (Breton music and dancing), traditional games and dance tuition. In Malestroit, the Pont du Rock is an exciting event with old favourites and rising stars. In Josselin, the Slam Festival is a public favourite. Better get your diary out!

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