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Culture and Heritage Discover Brittany's soul

Culture and heritage

Climb to the top of a lighthouse and play at being a watchman. Learn about Brittany’s tales and legends. Wander around the narrow streets of centuries-old towns or take up the challenge of an Escape Game deep inside a medieval fortress… Dance until dawn to the beat of electro music or Breton bagpipes… Push open the door of a chapel you find on a country lane, surrounded by greenery. Appreciate the beauty of a rood-screen, the brilliance of a stained glass window or the boldness of a contemporary creation… Brittany is rich in all kinds of traditions. It’s up to you to discover its secrets!

Brittany's main events coming up

Try out this (small) selection of events in our region, a mix of unmissable outings that could be unusual or iconic, based on sports or entertainment, dancing or fine dining…

Plan your holiday

Want to discover more about Brittany and all its treasures? Are there experiences you’d like to try between the salt-marshes, islands and ocean? Or maybe you’d like to design your own pick-and-mix holiday, with a bit of cycling, sailing or walking, enjoying the seaside or taking in some modern art.

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