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Canals of Brittany

Do you know all about coastline? Maybe it is time to change your perspective! For a few hours, for a day or even several, the canals of Brittany become places for shared serenity. Captain for the summer, embark your loved ones on a river cruise. On the canal tow path, take a leisurely bike ride from one Petite Cité de Caractère® (small picturesque town) to another.  Take a canoe kayak out for a trip along the water. As a family, between friends, on a pédalo or on a boat, there is lively fun to be had on the canal! Want to connect with your loved ones or re-energise yourself: get ready to head straight to the heart of Brittany’s DNA.

And right in the middle flow the canals

A long stretch of more than 600 km. With bird songs and the lapping of water as background noises. Greenery, no cars, a bike ride on the tow path, freedom and castles…no need to go elsewhere to find it! Welcome to the “Land of the Middle”, that of the Brittany canals. Suitable for fishing, walking and discovering remarkable sites and landscapes. The best way to enjoy this journey is to drift with the current, to sail according to your own rhythm and to drop anchor wherever you desire. Embark on a freshwater adventure!

Plan your stay ahead

the best addresses along the canals

Whether you want to press the pause button for a weekend or set off on a journey of discovery along the water, canal banks teem with good addresses. Visiting a museum, a zoo, an abbey, a spa, taking part in a full-fun high-rope challenge or being involved in an escape game…everything is possible apart from boredom! We help you find relaxing activities less than 5 kilometres from the water.

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