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Brexit travel guide

Brexit travel guide

There’s been a lot of confusion about how travel from the UK to the EU will change after Brexit – with plenty of people wondering if they’ll need a visa to visit Europe.
Nothing changes until the end of December 2020. So, pack your suitcase, and hop across the Channel for a holiday in Brittany!

Following ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK departed the EU on 31 January 2020. We are now in a transition period lasting until at least 31 December 2020. During this time, everything will remain the same and British passport holders can continue to travel without any changes.
You don’t need a visa, pets will travel freely, your EHIC card still applies abroad and no additional insurance will be needed.

Passport and visa

If you are planning to travel to the EU in 2020, expect everything to stay the same as when the UK was still an EU member.

European Health Insurance Card and travel insurance

  • Is my European European Health Insurance Card still valid?

    The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC – formerly E111) allows any EU citizen to access state medical care when they are travelling in another EU country. UK-registered EHICs are still valid throughout 2020.

  • Should I take out travel insurance?

    It is important that whenever and wherever you travel that you have adequate travel insurance which covers your specific needs, including any known medical conditions or activities you plan to do. Talk to your insurer for advice.

Data roaming and pet travel

What about 2021 and beyond?

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