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Kalon Breizh: welcome to the heart of Brittany! In this land of mountains and traditions, experience the very soul of contemporary Breton culture. Its small valleys, forests and beautiful rivers make the perfect backdrop whether you’re looking for leisure activities or just to relax in the open air. 

Unmissable sites


Les Monts d'Arrée

Mountains in Brittany?

Who would have believed it? No, you’re not dreaming: Brittany has mountains too. They’re called the Monts d’ArrĂ©e (the Black Mountains) and the MenĂ©. The highest summit in Brittany is Roc’h Ruz at 385 m. Whether it’s a walk at daybreak accompanied by a storytelling guide or a spot of fly-fishing, you’ll find it here. So what are you waiting for! You’ll fall under the spell of the rugged landscape of the Argoat area. Wild countryside, 180 degree panoramic views, the softly changing light 
 these spectacular landscapes with a mysterious atmosphere are the stuff legends are made of. For hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding, this backdrop makes your excursions all the more enjoyable. Take a deep breath! The mountains are sure to win you over.

Coeur de Bretagne - Kalon Breizh — Carte
Lac de Guerlédan

Take a trip around the Lake

Water, water everywhere! GuerlĂ©dan lake is the largest artificial lake in Brittany. But don’t just take our word for it. Twelve kilometres long, a surface area of 300 hectares
Just perfect! And if you’re a nature lover, you certainly won’t be disappointed. This vast freshwater lake, surrounded by forest, is a haven for sporting activities or for just chilling out. From the banks, you can take a swim, sail out onto the lake or hike to your heart’s content. The trail around the lake, either by bike or foot, is a popular choice. Sleeping under the lake there’s a whole valley with its lock-keepers houses, canal etc, which you can now discover (14 May 2015 onwards). Work being carried out on the hydroelectric dam means that the lake has to be emptied for a period of six months and the submerged world of GuerlĂ©dan will reappear in all its splendour. Don’t miss out on this exceptional event â€œGuerlĂ©dan 2015”!

Canal de Nantes Ă  Brest

Along the tow path

If you fancy getting out in the open air, takiing a bike ride or a long stroll along the water’s edge, then head for the Nantes- Brest canal. This long stretch of water zig-zags its way across central Brittany. There are as many pretty little villages along the way as there are locks. And you don’t even have to leave the tow path to enjoy the local flora and fauna. Or why not take to the water with one of the canoes or electric boats available on the pontoons. You can also try the GlissiĂšres de Glomel water-slides while canoeing down the canal. The Nantes-Brest canal really is a breath of fresh air. Take a detour along the tow path that runs alongside the Blavet, or follow one of the greenway trails. Make sure you stop off at the station museum at Guiscriff for a fun and educational break.

A unique identity

What does being Breton really mean? Don’t look any further, we have the answer right here. The soul of the Breton people is firmly rooted in the authentic, rural Central Brittany, where dances, songs and the Breton language have been kept alive more than anywhere else. Its inhabitants, its artists and craftspeople maintain the tradition of being welcoming and open. So give it a try: take your partner’s hand and join in the with the fest-noz dance. You’ll find dancers of all generations dancing the night away. The Fisel Festival, Plinn Festival, Nuit de la Gavotte, Printemps de Chñteauneuf, the Pipers’ Championship
 and all of the other unmissable events that embody Breizh culture. Modern-day tradition richly deserves its recognition by UNESCO as part of our intangible cultural heritage.

Festival Les Vieilles Charrues

Bring on the festivals

If you love dancing, singing and partying then you’ve come to the right place. Central Brittany just loves putting on a show and festival-going has become pretty much way of life, and a future tradition. It embraces all musical styles, instruments and audiences. In Carhaix, the Vieilles Charrues festival is an absolute must for the latest music and the hottest international artists. More than 200,000 festival-goers attend every year. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or jazz-blues, the Rencontres Musicales du Kreiz Breizh and the festivals at ChĂąteau de la ChĂšze, or Langourla jazz festival and Fest Jazz in ChĂąteauneuf-du-Faou, will deliver the goods. In summer or winter, the fields are alive with the sound of music!

Art dans les chapelles — Chapelle Saint-Tugdal à Quistinic

Religious art goes contemporary

You’d better believe it! Traditional religious art and modern artistic creations go together very well. Brittany’s parish enclosures, which are unique in France, were already seen as works of art in their own right at the time. The site at Pleyben is an excellent example. The Sainte-Barbe and Saint-Fiacre chapels in FaouĂ«t, the church in KernasclĂ©den, and the other calvaries 
 these are just some of the unmissable points along your way. Today, this rich religious architecture shares its treasures with modern-day artists. Contemporary art exhibitions flourish at the Abbaye de Bon Repos and plastic arts installations will point you in the right direction on the Art in the Chapels trail. Be warned, you might experience a revelation!

Gorges du Corong

Forests as far as the eye can see

Inland Brittany is a mosaic of forests, a land of fairytales and legends. Listen to the trees as they murmur in the breeze to passing hikers. Walk through the gorges. The ones at  Corong and Toul Goulic are the most well-known. At the Chaos of Huelgoat, gigantic piles of stone blocks create bizarre sculptures with evocative names. You’ll hear King Arthur, the Virgin and even the devil mentioned! Then, make a detour to the marshland areas of Saint-Maudez, Liscuis, Lan Bern, Cranou or Crano. With its gorse, brooms and heather, it’s beautiful all year round and if you love wide open, unspoilt countryside, you’ll love this place.

Galette Ă  l'andouille

The “andouille” sausage, the star of local gastronomy

In GuĂ©menĂ©-sur-Scorff, the real, traditionally-made and internationally renowned “andouille de GuĂ©menĂ©â€ sausages are made by craftsmen. You’ll recognise them by their black skin and their patten of concentric circles. You can eat them grilled, usually sliced, served with homemade mash or on a buckwheat pancake. In the GuĂ©menĂ©-sur-Scorff area, an andouille festival is held on the last Sunday of August, where it’s celebrated as a living tradition. Still hungry? Then why not taste some of the local crĂȘpes, mead, artisanal cider or goat’s cheese. The land of Kreizh Breizh is a heaven for foodies too.

Chñteau des Rohan — Pontivy

History just around the corner

If you listen carefully, you might just hear the old stones telling their stories of castles, revolutions, traditions
 Spend the day exploring some of the little towns full of local heritage. Their churches, fountains and manor houses offer a different chapter of Breton history with each place you visit. With its majestic fort and its corbelled houses, Pontivy (formerly NapolĂ©onville), is well worth the detour, as is GuĂ©menĂ©-sur-Scorff, for the remains of its medieval castle and its timber-framed facades. You can also discover the unique history of the “Toiles Bretagnes” cloth.

Domaine de Trévarez

Cultivate your garden!

Flower-lovers and botanists, you have definitely made the right choice! Far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, in Central Brittany you’re surrounded by nature sculpted into amazing ornamental gardens. So whether it’s very British or typically French, in line with local tradition, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Your ramble through the countryside will lead you to the ornamental lakes at Kervezennec, the underwoods at Tronjoly, the Grand Launay gardens, the grounds of ChĂąteau du Coscro in Lignol. Admire the trees at the Arbres du Monde arboretum in Huelgoat. Enjoy the camellias, rhododendrons and hydrangeas in full bloom at the Domaine de TrĂ©varez. You can have green fingers all year round!

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