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Cornouaille is a wild, unspoilt area, with vast tracts of nature for you to explore and colourful local traditions to discover. Cradled by the sea and bathed in sunlight, Cornouaille is like a little piece of heaven for artists, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who loves beautiful scenery and good things to eat.

Unmissable sites

Névez, from Port Manech to Raguenez

The little peninsula of Névez lies in a beautiful spot between Pont-Aven and...
Vue sur la cathédrale Saint-Corentin à Quimper


Not only is Quimper the administrative capital of the Finistère department, i...
Pointe du Raz

Pointe du Raz and the Cap Sizun

Wild and windy Pointe du Raz, France’s equivalent of Land’s End, is one of Br...


East of Concarneau, Pont-Aven is best known for its association with the post...
Ville close de Concarneau


As well as being France’s third most important fishing port, Concarneau has o...
archipel des glenans 1

Archipel des Glénan

The Îles de Glénan are an archipelago of islands about 10 miles (16km) off th...
clohars arriere port


Tucked into its estuary near famously arty Pont-Aven and Le Pouldu, Doëlan ha...
Parapente au Menez-Hom (29)


Dominating the Bay of Douarnenez, the long-backed Menez-Hom hill was sacred t...
Baie de Douarnenez 1


Douarnenez is an attractive town on the coast with no fewer than four harbour...

The creeks at Beg-Meil and the Pointe de Mousterlin headland

The shoreline around Fouesnant is as perfect for lazing around as it is for m...
L'Abri du Marin, Sainte-Marine (29)

Sainte-Marine and the Odet river

Welcome to Bigouden country, where the river Odet flows into the Atlantic Oce...
Locronan, place de l'église


This exquisite village in the destination Quimper Cornouaille occupies a long...
Bateau à Goulet Riec


Situated between the Aven and Belon rivers, Riec-sur-Belon is known throughou...
les Roches du Diable

Les Roches du diable

The boulders balanced alarmingly on top of each other at the gorges on the El...
Île de Sein, le Grand Phare


Five miles (8km) off the Pointe du Raz, the Île de Sein is arguably Brittany...
Ecole de Surf de Bretagne, La Torche (29)

Pointe de la Torche

A defiant little headland, La Torche sticks out from the southern end of the...


Bateau de pêche au Guilvinec

Gone fishing

In Cornouaille, daily life revolves around fishing. First thing in the morning you can see the fishing boats setting off, or you can go to the fish auction or take a guided trip on the high seas. Shellfish gathering is done around midday, when the spring tides go way out, leaving the rocks uncovered. In the late afternoon, you can watch the boats come back from the day’s fishing, from the panoramic terrace above Le Guilvinec’s fish market. In the little port of Doëlan, fish is sold direct from the quayside. And if the kids are still clamouring for more, you can take them to the Port-Musée at Douarnenez, or Concarneau's Musée de la pêche (fishing museum), or Haliotika, Cité de la Pêche - Le Guilvinec’s ‘fishing city’.

Quimper Cornouaille — Carte
La pointe du Raz

Space to breathe

Stand at the tip of Pointe du Raz with the wind in your face; paraglide above the Menez Hom mountain; go kayaking in the rias; go walking or cycling along the network of long distance footpaths... You’ll feel the fresh air blowing across all Cornouaille’s unspoilt, wide open spaces. Breathe it in! Use it! Get moving! Every corner of this vast landscape carved out by the elements has restorative powers. You might think that this no-man’s land, suspended between moorland and foamy sea, really is the end of the world – but you’re not there yet! The adventure continues onto the string of little islands just off the coast. A day on the wild Isle of Sein or in the turquoise-blue waters around the Glenan archipelago is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let the swell of the tide sweep you away to paradise…

Festival Les filets bleus à Concarneau

Focus on culture

here’s always something going on in Cornouaille. Year in, year out, there’s an annual programme of celebrations, festivals and breath-taking shows that are always packed with fun and entertainment. Cornouaille is brimming with fresh talent, daily making new art from old traditions. Join the dance! Enjoy the music! At Quimper’s Festival de Cornouaille, the Filets Bleus festival in Concarneau and the Fête des Brodeuses (Embroiderers’ Festival) in Pont-l’Abbé, folklore is brought bang up to date. Here’s your chance to try on one of those famous traditional costumes, decorated with embroidery and lace, that are so typical of Cornouaille.

Commune with the stones

Granite has shaped the soul and the outline of Brittany’s towns. In Cornouaille, the Breton identity is stamped all over the elegant facades in the little towns that are steeped in character and in their jealously guarded heritage. From shop-fronts to terraces, cathedrals to fortresses, Brittany’s architectural gems are just begging you to take a look. In Locronan, Quimper, Concarneau and Pont-Croix, guided tours are available to help you soak up the magic of a past whose vestiges are present all around. History rules OK!

Menez Hom

Let there be light

What could more beautiful than the sun setting over the sea? From the top of Menez Hom mountain, the spectacle is quite magnificent. Watch the lighthouses along the coast light up, one after the other. Everywhere you go in Cornouaille, the landscape is enhanced by the light. The poetry of this place will overwhelm you as you sit and scan the sea, looking for that elusive beam of green light. Eckmühl lighthouse is one of the best spots from which to capture a picture of the scene. The main thing is not to rush. Whether you’re wielding a camera or a paintbrush, Cornouaille helps bring out your artistic talents – and there are even photography classes you can take, to sharpen your eye.

Les baigneuses, Emile Bernard (1890)

Cornouaille, land of artists

Numerous painters – of whom Paul Gauguin is the most distinguished – have produced wonderful pictures of the local people and typical scenes of everyday life in Cornouaille, as well as of its landscapes and the architecture of its various character towns. The  Pont-Aven school of art, where classical and modern traditions meet, has established the reputation of the entire region. The "Route des Peintres" (artists’ trail) consists of five itineraries, and by following the routes that featured in the creative process you’ll gain a better understanding of how the  local surroundings, people and customs have served as inspiration. Artistic creativity continues to flourish in Cornouaille, and the artists will be happy to share their passion with you, by means of classes and exhibitions.

Cornouaille: in the very best of taste

Another way to discover Cornouaille, a region of farming and agriculture, is through its gastronomy and specialities. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savouries, you’ll be in clover here: delicacies such as Bélon oysters with their delicious nutty flavour, Pont-Aven galettes, AOC Cornouaille cider, Rosporden mead (‘chouchen’), Loctudy langoustines, Douarnenez kouign-amann (all-butter pastry cake) are just a few of the gourmet treasures that you’ll find in Cornouaille. Put together simply for a picnic, or elaborately by the great chefs, they’re a treat for the taste buds for anyone who loves the good things in life.

Plage de Fouesnant

Sea, as far as the horizon

Hidden along the coast, between headlands and cliffs that are buffeted by the ocean, are some more sheltered spots: pebbly coves, unfrequented sandy beaches, pretty little ports, and inland lagoons protected by a belt of sand dunes... Loctudy, Ile Tudy and Sainte-Marine, Bénodet, Fouesnant, Trégunc-Trévignon, Névez-Port Manec’h and Doëlan form a string of little seaside resorts, all facing south and nestling between patches of orchards and quiet beaches of beautiful white sand. Nature guides will help you explore these protected areas, and you’ll be able to do a spot of bird-watching along this peaceful stretch of coast that’s full of hidden charms.

L'atelier Henriot — Quimper

Inspiration for artists

Young designers and ceramic artists are following the fine tradition set by Quimper’s famous pottery manufacturers. This daring new generation of artists are the spiritual heirs of Gauguin and friends, and are keeping alive the anti-conformist legacy established by the Pont-Aven school. Simple, bold designs based on Breton music, stylised embroidery, and sailor-stripes tagged ‘made in France’… The artists draw their inspiration from Cornouaille. Workshops and courses are available so that you can unleash your creative talents too.

Surf à la Torche

Watersports hotspots

What’s your watersport – windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding, sand yachting, sea kayaking or sailing? Expert or beginner, you have plenty of choice. In the bays of Douarnenez or Audierne, or at the Glénan sailing school, Cornouaille has some great spots where you can practise all kinds of board sports. Some, like La Torche, have become legendary, while others are well-kept secrets. Clubs and schools offer private lessons, introductory courses and advanced tuition, and you can even hire the equipment. And how about a trip with champion yachtsman Roland Jourdain as your skipper? There’s nothing stopping you and it’s guaranteed to be a thrilling experience!

Brittany experiences

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