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Come and have a great time in Brittany with a group of friends, other couples, or even whole families. Here in Brittany you’ll find all the special offers, unusual ideas, and facilities you need to enjoy the pleasures of a Brittany break with the rest of your gang!

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Walk across Mont-Saint-Michel Bay at low tide

traversée de la baie du Mont Saint-Michel

This is something really special, in the most spectacular surroundings. Starting from Le Vivier-sur-Mer, a nature guide will take you across the bay, revealing all the treasures of this vast stretch of sand, with the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ as a backdrop. You’ll soon understand why the flora, fauna and special quality of light have made this immense expanse of silent shoreline a UNESCO World Heritage site.
To find out more: www.maison-baie.com 

Make a splash – try paintballing!


For a real party atmosphere in the afternoon there’s nothing like a bit of sport: and what could be more fun than paintball? You and your team have just one mission: to go and rescue your flag from the enemy camp. And you only have a certain amount of time to do it in. Armed with your paintball gun, you’ll soon be experiencing life in colour! And if you take a picnic or even a barbecue you’ll find the fun lasts even longer!

To find out more: www.paintball-brelidy.com 

Get a taste of the seafaring spirit at a maritime festival

Fête maritime

Brittany is a place where people like to have fun – and the party atmosphere is infectious! So a seaside festival in Brittany is all about having fun – and boats! It’s a time when a Breton fishing port becomes home to people of every age and origin, with sailors flying the flag for every nation under the sun. It’s the perfect place to enjoy past and present, local traditions and ideas from abroad, and have a great time with your friends to the sounds and rhythms of Celtic music.

To find out more: www.brittanytourism.com/things-to-do/events

Hire a bike and discover the islands

A vélo sur les îles

Less than 90 minutes away by boat, the islands of Brittany are perfect for exploring with your friends. You can hire a bike for a few hours or a few days, and cycle around these islands in complete freedom – made even more enjoyable by the number of quiet lanes and almost total absence of hills! There’s no better way of discovering these offshore lands than by cycling from port to beach, cafe to water-sports centre – whenever the fancy takes you!

To find out more: www.iles-du-ponant.com

Row your barge, gently down the canals of Brittany

Séjour en péniche sur le canal

Discover the joys of weekend sailing, with a trip with your friends on the Nantes – Brest Canal or the English Channel-Ocean link (‘liaison Manche-Océan’)! At the tiller, on deck, in the galley...everyone has a favourite place on board a barge. Rest and relaxation are guaranteed, with picnics on the river-bank or a spot of sunbathing on deck…and just a bit of physical exercise as you operate the gates that let you through the locks.

To find out more: www.canaux-bretons.net



Step inside big business, Breton style

tourisme industriel - marinières Armor lux

Take a trip through the looking-glass and see what goes on behind the scenes in some of the region’s leading industries. Follow the guide and you’ll learn the secrets behind the manufacture of many of Brittany’s flagship products: HB Henriot’s famous Quimper pottery, those stripy Breton T-shirts from Armor Lux, canned fish from Belle-Ile...and, last but not least, Brittany’s famous beers and biscuits.

To find out more: www.tourismebretagne.com/a-faire/les-activites/tourisme-industriel 

Take a trip on a heritage ship

Sortie en mer sur un vieux gréement

Hoist the main sail and head out to sea for a day trip or cruise aboard a really exceptional ship. You and your friends can be corsairs in Saint-Malo Bay, aboard Le Renard, replica of a privateer that once belonged to the famous corsair Robert Surcouf. On the schooner La Recouvrance, well known as an ambassador for Brest, you’ll be able to help with on board manoeuvres. A journey back in time on one of these legendary ships will definitely help you to appreciate more than ever the splendours of Brittany’s coastline.

To find out more: www.cotre-corsaire-renard.com 

Try your hand at geocaching


Goodbye map and compass, hello GPS and iPhone - welcome to hi-tech treasure-hunting, the latest interactive pastime! Get your gang together, plan your route and off you go, on a hunt for one of the 250 ‘treasures’ hidden the length and breadth of Brittany. You won’t be digging up buried treasure, but you’ll be sharing a lot of fun and visiting some unexpected destinations.

To find out more: http://geocaching.bretagne.free.fr/?q=node/1 

Bird-watching under expert guidance

Guide ornithologique

Bring your binoculars to one of Brittany’s many bird sanctuaries and over 100 other protected sites, where birds come to enjoy the mild climate. You’ll learn everything there is to know about coastal species: oystercatcher, little egret, common shelduck, common greenshank...This is a chance to observe the changing face of biodiversity over the seasons, between island and coast.

To find out more: www.bretagne-vivante.org 

Walks and talks in a land of legend

Aube sur les monts d'Arrée - légendes avec Youenn notre guide

Share a magic moment with your friends, on a walk in the Brocéliande Forest or the Monts d'Arrée, your footsteps guided by the enchanting tales told by your own personal storyteller. All around you, in the moors, forest or woods, korrigans (a kind of Breton leprechaun), elves and other such creatures will spring to life as they hear their names. This is an experience that’s not to be missed - and the enchantment will last even longer if you go on to share a meal while you’re still under its spell.

To find out more: www.arree-randos.com 


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