If you’re aged 16 to 25, in a group of mates, girls on an outing or a few couples and you want to live it up a bit, then Brittany is the place for great holidays in a party mood.

Try a catamaran with your mates

Mad about speed? You’ll get plenty of that on a catamaran. Put on your wet-suit, jump on the trampoline, grab the tiller and the sheets (ropes). The wind catches the sails and you’re away, gliding across the breakers! Once you’re in the open sea, attack the waves but don’t forget to enjoy the view of the coast as well.
 To find out more: goforit.brittanytourism.com/on-the-water/catamarans-and-dinghies 

History on your MP3 player

Plug in your earphones and wander through the old cobbled streets of Brittany’s Cities of Art for an audio-guided tour. Your ‘virtual guide’ will take you to the most interesting areas. This is the way to explore these heritage towns at your own pace, so you can grab a break on a café terrace when you want, or dive into one of the shops.

To find out more: www.brittanytourism.com/about-brittany/a-special-heritage/urban-heritage 


Discover a land of rock!

There’s a bit of an English-speaking feel about Brittany. All year round the Armorican peninsula hosts top-flight rock-stars on its festival and concert-hall stages. It’s not just a musical trend; it’s a state of mind that's taken root here thanks to the dedicated fans. Why not give it a go?

To find out more: www.brittanytourism.com/things-to-do/events/brittany-s-main-events

Open the door of a Café de pays®

When it comes to prizes for hospitality, Brittany wins the top gongs! Wherever you are, you’ll find loads of places to party in the evening. If you want a really "local" experience, get along to one of the 28 Cafés de pays® where they lay on entertainment you can enjoy over a couple of drinks. As the Bretons say: ‘Yach' mat!’ - ‘Cheers!’

To find out more: whatson.brittanytourism.com/i-am-looking-for/cafe-culture

Improvise a beach volleyball match

Take one big sandy beach. Add a net, a ball, a few lines drawn in the sand and that’s all you need! To get your teams together, just persuade the guys and girls on the beach to play in a match. And for really keen players, don't miss the ‘Estivales de volley’, Europe’s biggest beach volleyball contest, which takes place on the Breton coast.

To find out more: Estivales de Volley: www.estivalesdevolley.fr 

Go mad on the dance floor

Wanna dance? There are clubs and discos for a great night out just about everywhere you go in Brittany. There's also loads going on at the Cafés concerts (music Cafés), from gigs to electro evenings where you can dance the night away to the best sounds.

Breakfast at the market

Cuppa tea or coffee? Croissant or sausage pancake? Whatever you fancy, you'll find it at the market. A walk round the brightly-coloured stalls selling local food, with all the different tastes and smells, makes a great start to the day.

Join a group of volunteers

Fancy working on an excavation at a Gallo-Roman site, helping to organise a festival, restoring a chapel, putting up eco-buildings? Join one of the many international working-parties for young volunteers in Brittany. It’s a great way to meet people your own age from all over the world and work for the same cause in a great atmosphere.

To find out more: www.chantierbenevolebretagne.org/index_uk.php 

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