...kids between 5 and 11

Too young for some things yet too old for others, if you've got kids aged between 5 and 11, here are our ideas to keep them entertained.

Picture 1 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips Picture 2 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips Picture 3 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips Picture 4 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips Picture 5 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips Picture 6 We have kids between 5 and 11. What can we do ? 10 tips

Take part in a sandcastle-building competition!

The beach is the ultimate playground where imaginations can run wild! All you need to build your very own dream world is a bucket and spade. Sculpt a fairytale castle from the sand, and add stunning details using the materials around you – a piece of driftwood makes a fine drawbridge, conjure up a forest out of some seaweed, and those shells make ideal treasure troves!
To find out more: www.sensation-bretagne.com/actus-breizh-sable-tour.php

Learn to sail at a sailing school!

If your children are keen to sail the ocean blue, then get down to the sailing school, put on those life jackets and go on a beginners’ course in a boat that’s suitable for even the tiniest children! This is a great way to learn the art of sailing in a safe environment. Look for one of the 36 ‘Point Passion Plage’ locations along the coast, where you will find just the right course to give your children a real taste for life on the ocean wave!
To find out more: goforit.brittanytourism.com


Discover the world of Obelix!

Explore the largest megalithic site in the world – 30,000 standing stones laid out in dozens of parallel lines totalling 4 kilometres across an area of 40 hectares. These huge stones were placed here about 6,000 years ago, and nobody has come up with the answer as to why they're here – though we think we know the answer to the most important question of all: where was Obelix’s favourite place?
To find out more:  Maison des Mégalithes

Be a princess or a knight for the day!

Combat de chevaliers pendant la fête des remparts à Dinan

Medieval festivals are a great way to step back in time and immerse yourself in the Middle Ages. Enjoy jousting tournaments, jugglers and dancing bears, or browse the craft stalls. If you really want to get into the spirit of things, slip on a Middle Ages traditional costume or suit of armour, and travel back in time to a different world, at one of the many medieval festivals that take place during the summer in Brittany.
To find out more:
Fête des remparts (Ramparts Festival) at Dinan
Vannes Historical Festival
Hennebont Medieval Festival

Become an archaeological expert!

Animations archéologie au château de la Hunaudaye

Children can become Indiana Jones for the day here on the Armorican peninsula. Equipped with sieve and brush, your archaeologists in the making get a chance to unearth pieces of pottery, animal bones, or perhaps even a forgotten castle or Prehistoric settlement!
To find out more:
La Hunaudaye Castle
Landevennec Abbey

Let off steam at the leisure park

Enjoy a fun-filled day and let off steam at one of the water parks in the area where the fun is always super-sized: slide down giant waterslides, enjoy hair-raising fairground rides and splash around in the water; thrills and spills guaranteed!
To find out more: leisure and amusement parks

All aboard for a boat trip to the islands!

Welcome aboard your trip to a different world, one that’s so near the coast and yet so far from the hustle and bustle of the mainland! A variety of boat trips criss-cross the Breton coast taking visitors to the fairytale little islands just off the mainland. Visit Belle-Ile, Ouessant, or Bréhat, among others – with the wind in their hair your children will feel like they’re off on a world cruise!
To find out more: boat trips

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