10 ideas for high tides

High tide, low tide... Brittany's tides are the most spectacular anywhere in France! Take this opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh sea air. Families can have fun discovering the secrets left exposed by the outgoing tide. Couples will love going for walks through the stunning scenery and unwinding in the seawater spas.

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When the sun has a date with the moon...

Tides are a phenomenon linked to the moon, which attracts the waters of the ocean and makes them ‘rise’ when it passes above them. Once every 14 days, this magnetic effect is amplified when the sun positions itself behind the moon. On those days, enormous volumes of water rush into the Channel when the Atlantic Ocean rises. And Brittany becomes a stage-set for high tides that are worth the detour in themselves!

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Europe's highest tides at Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo is famous for having the highest tides in Europe. On the scale of tidal coefficients from 20 to 120, they regularly reach 110! When that happens, you can see the waves coming up higher and higher all along the ramparts! Fill your lungs with sea air. And at low tide, go and explore the beach: the Tourist Office organises guided walks between the forts surrounding the ‘Corsair City’ of Saint-Malo.

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Islands that can only be reached at low tide

Île Berder

All along the Brittany coast, many islands emerge from the sea. Like little secret harbours, some of them can only be reached at low tide. The isle of Callot in Morlaix Bay, the isle of Berder in the Gulf of Morbihan and the isle of La Comtesse (Countess island) off Saint-Quay-Portrieux are all very special destinations for walkers. Grab the opportunity to get there along the causeways when the sea leaves them exposed...

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Mont Saint-Michel: fast as a galloping horse!

Mont-Saint-Michel à marée haute

They say that in Mont Saint-Michel Bay, the sea comes in as fast as a galloping horse! That might be a slight exaggeration, but the tide can reach up to 6 km per hour. What's even more impressive is that during the Equinox high tides, the sea goes out to distance of 10 kilometres and comes back in far enough to surround Mont-St.-Michel. No wonder this bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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Nature walks in Saint-Brieuc Bay

Balade en baie de Saint-Brieuc

In Saint-Brieuc Bay, the sea can go out as far as 7 km during high tides. The beach, and also the salt marshes, rocks and mud flats that surround it, constitute Brittany's largest nature reserve. Fancy exploring another world? The Maison de la Baie discovery centre offers a range of excursions to choose from: take a kayak across the bay, learn about mussel farming, watch the migratory birds...

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Follow up the high tide effect in the spa

Bain massant en thalasso

During high tides, the invigorating sea air does you good. Follow up the sea’s tonic effect in the spa. The Castel Clara at Belle-Île-en-Mer or the Miramar Crouesty at Arzon offer seaweed wraps and underwater jets. In Saint-Malo, the Thermes Marins seawater spa enjoys an outstanding location on Sillon beach, and has been using its skills and know-how for more than 50 years.

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Make your own seafood platter

Plateau de fruits de mer

Seafood is one of Brittany's great treasures. Crabs and shellfish are an important source of vitamins and trace elements... as well as being a gourmet treat! Fancy preparing your own? Haliotika, Guilvinec's ‘Fishing City’, organises workshops where you can learn how to make a seafood platter to suit any budget. And you can also learn how to cook seaweed and a selection of fish!

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Hotels with a sea view

Hôtel Castel Clara Belle île

Do you ever dream of being lulled by the sound of the waves, with nothing but sea as far as the horizon? Come and stay in one of Brittany's many seafront hotels. At the Castel Clara in Belle Île, you'll eat breakfast looking out at Goulphar Bay, studded with yachts at anchor. In Dinard, the Hôtel de la Vallée, on the Pointe de Moulinet headland, is highly valued for its peaceful atmosphere, its panoramic views over Saint-Malo Bay and its sophisticated gourmet dishes that you can enjoy on the south-facing terrace.

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