History and heritage

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Brittany possesses a rich cultural and historic heritage: castles, fortified towns, museums, towns full of art and history, standing stones...so many places and things to discover, alone or with a guide.


Musée de la Préhistoire - Carnac

The history of Brittany goes back a long, long way, as testified by the hundreds of megalithic sites scattered right across the region. Some are impressive due to the vast areas they cover, others because of the sheer immensity of their standing stones, but they all invite you to discover the lives of the prehistoric men who erected them so many years ago.

Prehistoric sites in Brittany 

Castles and Strongholds

Château de Fougères

Military forts, impregnable even from the sea, lordly manor-houses right at the heart of little towns brimming with character: Brittany’s castles have preserved the remains of their medieval past and many of them also reveal traces of the various architectural styles they have seen come and go over the centuries. Ready for a journey back in time?

Castles and forts in Brittany 

Churches and Abbeys

Abbaye de Redon

Where could you see as many crosses and calvaries dotted throughout the countryside as in Brittany? Fervently religious, the Bretons also built a large number of abbeys, churches and chapels, whose doors are today open to lovers of history, architecture, gardens and even contemporary art.

Abbeys in Brittany



To find out more about the history of a town or region, or to understand its culture…what better way than to visit a museum? Whether you’re mad about maritime history, wild about wartime epics or curious to know more about traditional Breton culture, you’re sure to find a museum to suit your taste.

Museums in Brittany


Ecomusée de Saint-Degan

These are places where time stands still! Ecomuseums help you experience the daily life of Breton people in days gone by, when the clunk of the smithy’s hammer rang out in the street, washerwomen beat their washing at the river and horsepower meant just that...Here, you don’t have to use your imagination - you’re already there!

Ecomuseums in Brittany

Guided visits

Visite guidée - le petit train de Saint-Malo

Every village, every town, in fact everywhere in Brittany has its own history. History with a capital H of course, but also a more intimate history, full of anecdotes and legends, that only the most informed guides can share with you. So if the idea of finding out more about the hidden secrets of Brittany tickles your fancy, then take a guided tour!

Guided tours in Brittany

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