Brittany's main events

  • Piscine Saint-Georges, Les tombées de la nuit, Rennes (35)

    Sundays in Rennes – Tombées de la Nuit (Nightfall Festival) Rennes, weekends throughout the year

    There’s always something going on in Rennes on a Sunday! As an extension of the ‘Tombées de la Nuit’ festival, Rennes’ urban spaces are filled every weekend, and sometimes on other days too, by street art, installations, performances, circuses and all kinds of acoustic happenings. It’s an invitation to let your imagination run wild and be as experimental as you like!

  • La Gacilly Photo Festival - La Gacilly: 2 June - 30 September 2018

    Whether the shots are in black and white or in colour, green is always a major player at the Peuples & Nature Photo Festival in La Gacilly. Focusing specifically on the environment, this is an arts event that fully intends to become part of the landscape.

  • L'art dans les chapelles

    Art in the Chapels – Blavet Valley: 6 July - 16 September 2018

    A completely unique experience: each summer, contemporary art and religious art come together with thought-provoking results.

  • Festival du Film Britannique, Dinard (35)

    Festival du Film Britannique (Festival of British Cinema) – Dinard: 26-30 September 2018

    Who will win the Golden Hitchcock award? Every Autumn, the same wave of suspense grips Dinard’s version of La Croisette in Cannes. Caesar can keep his César, the British Film Festival has Hitchcock for a mascot, and this is one festival where you won’t need subtitles!

  • Festival Quai des Bulles, Saint-Malo (35)

    Quai des Bulles Festival - Saint-Malo: 12-14 October 2018

    This is certainly a date that has been circled in Brittany’s calendar of cultural events. The last weekend in October is when some 400 comic strip artists get together at the Quai des Bulles Festival in Saint-Malo.

  • Route du Rhum - La Banque Postale 2008, Saint-Malo (35)

    The Route du Rhum 40th Anniversary - Saint-Malo: 4 November 2018

    Once every four years, in November, a handkerchief-waving crowd of over 200,000 gathers on the Saint Malo coastline. It’s time for the brave skippers of the Route du Rhum to set sail and pit themselves alone against the natural forces of the sea. A modern-day adventure. An extreme race, undertaken solo, just because the ocean is there...

  • Yaouank – Rennes: 1-17 November 2018

    A fabulous mixture of Breton, world and contemporary music, the Yaouank festival is famed above all for its last night, considered by many to be the biggest fest-noz (traditional evening of Breton music and dance) in the world. But it’s so much more….

  • Transmusicales – Rennes: 5-9 December 2018

    A leading light of the modern music scene, every winter for the last 30 years, the Transmusicales in Rennes, has given us a taste of the musical trends of tomorrow. Groups come here in the hope of making their last ‘anonymous’ performance before receiving unanimous acclaim from the critics.

  • Fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques (Scallop Festival): April 2019

    Erquy, Saint-Quay-Portrieux and Paimpol are all known for their scallops and every year in April, they organise a festival in honour of their queen of the seas. Fishing trips, music, and scallops galore – come and celebrate the end of the scallop-fishing season with the very sailors who fish for them.

  • Festivalière, Festival Panoramas, Morlaix (29)

    Panoramas Festival – Morlaix - April 2019

    Forget April showers, just join the long queue of festival-goers, all keen to enjoy the unrivalled view of today’s rich musical landscape provided by the Panoramas Festival.

  • Spi Ouest France 2010

    Spi Ouest-France - La Trinité-sur-Mer: 18-22 April 2019

    Every Easter, the Easter eggs are hidden, but the single hulls an be seen in broad daylight at the Spi Ouest-France Regatta. A real treat for anyone who loves a regatta.

  • Festival of Brittany: 17-26 May 2019

    Concerts, exhibitions, ‘fest-noz’, markets…Since 2009, the Fête de la Bretagne has become the perfect occasion for the region to set out to conquer the world with its vitality and up-to-date attitude. More than 300 events are organised all over Brittany and far beyond. This is a great opportunity to discover and experience Breton tradition, folklore and spirit, with family and friends.

  • Art Rock - Saint-Brieuc: 7-9 june 2019

    Organised every May, the Art Rock festival kicks off the season to a host of Breton festivals that have as many episodes as a hit TV series.

  • The Mont Saint-Michel Marathon: May 2019

    You can recognise them by their loose-limbed stride, the 5,000 runners from all over the world who elbow their way through the pack at the start of the Mont-Saint-Michel Marathon. It’s a race against the clock – or rather, against the sea – so they don’t have much time to admire the scenery, which is a pity, because it’s a World Heritage Site.

  • Gulf Week - Gulf of Morbihan - 27 May - 2 June 2019

    Over a thousand boats gather in Ascension week every two years to put on an extraordinary spectacle in one of most beautiful bays in the world.

  • Festival Etonnants Voyageurs, Saint-Malo

    Etonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers) - Saint-Malo: 8-10 June 2019

    For the last 20 years, the ‘grandchildren of Stevenson and Conrad’ have got into the excellent habit of meeting below the ramparts of Saint-Malo. Flying where its fancy takes it and wherever the wind may carry it, each year, in May, the Étonnants Voyageurs Festival invites us all to take part in a great literary adventure.

  • Balcon & Coublanc

    Astropolis - Brest: July 2019

    Every summer for nearly 20 years, there’s been a rave-olution in Brest. Astropolis brings together the ultimate in techno, for a festival that parties along at lightning speed. And since 2012, techno fever has also been filling the city during a winter edition, held in January.

  • Troménie de Locronan

    Troménie de Locronan – July 2019

    In Breton, troménie means ‘walk around a sacred place’. The troménie in Locronan takes place every six years (next issue in July 2019) and is a totally unique event. Every time, thousands of people, some dressed in traditional costume, take part in the 12 km procession. And if you are too impatient to wait six years for the next Grande Troménie (open to both locals and tourists), a smaller version is organised each year on the second Sunday in July.

  • Vieilles Charrues - Scène et foule

    Vieilles Charrues – Carhaix: 18-21 July 2019

    Whilst the line-up at the Vieilles Charrues changes every year, for over 20 years its recipe for success has remained the same with a mix of eclecticism and conviviality, legends, and legends in the making. Five stages, 80 artists and 230,000 spectators...This festival really is a must!

  • Fête des Remparts de Dinan (22)

    Fête des Remparts (Ramparts Festival) – Dinan: July 2019

    Although its theme is the Middle Ages, the Fête des Remparts is nonetheless very much of its time. Everyone, whether young or not-so-young, can enjoy taking part in this unusual role-play game, devised in 1983. And this landmark event in Bertrand Du Guesclin's home town looks just as much fun as ever.

  • The Giants’ Crossing - May-July 2019

    From 26 to 29 July 2018, the Vallée des Saints (Valley of the Saints) will be celebrating its tenth anniversary and unveiling its hundredth monumental sculpture, an effigy of Saint Piran. What makes this an occasion that’s unique in the world is that the statue will be transported over land and sea, over a period of two months, from Cornwall in Great Britain all the way to Carnoët, in Finistère.

  • Festival de Jazz à Vannes

    Jazz en Ville - Vannes: July 2019

    July goes with a swing in Vannes, with the sound of New Orleans filling the town. Outside by the ramparts or inside the cosy bars, you can listen to the syncopated beats and imaginative improvisations – all for free!

  • Fest-Noz Place Saint-Corentin, Festival de Cornouaille, Quimper (29)

    Festival Le Cornouaille – Quimper: July 2019

    Dedicated to the sheer richness and diversity of Breton culture, the Festival de Cornouaille is a cultural cornucopia, and even though it is now nearly ninety years old, this festival is still as youthful as ever.

  • Temps Fête Festival - Douarnenez: July 2019

    Blowing up a storm! From 25 to 29 July 2018, the unmissable Douarnenez Maritime Festival is making landfall again in Rosmeur harbour… something that only happens every two years! Put it in your diary: historic ships and the maritime world are getting ready to celebrate the age of enlightenment and piracy in an 18th-century atmosphere.

  • Le Voyage à Nantes - Nantes: July-August 2019

    The Voyage à Nantes event has stage set the town every summer since 2012. Forty historical and modern sites make up the sensitive and poetic trail of the same name. This permanent ‘dispersed monument’ can be traced by following the green line along the ground. It’s a summertime stopover where art tips the town upside down! Diversity and free admission to the vast number of its offerings are once again its strong points.

  • Skedanoz - Carnac megalithic site: July 2019

    In July and August, come along to Carnac's famous megalithic site at dusk. There's a very special atmosphere, with clever lighting effects displaying the standing stones as you've never seen them before.

  • Aiguilles de Port Coton, Belle-île ( 56)

    Festival Lyrique en Mer – Belle-Ile-en-Mer: 30 July-16 August 2019

    From the magnificent decor to the prestigious choir singers, it’s hard to decide which is the best part of the Lyrique en Mer festival. Every summer, some of the great composers make a quick stopover in Belle-Île, making this a dream location for opera lovers. So don’t forget to dr-op-er-a-round!

  • Festival du Bout du Monde, Crozon

    Festival du Bout du Monde (Land’s End Festival) – Crozon Peninsula: 2-4 August 2019

    A melting pot or melting pop, it’s clear that this August festival in Crozon is a cultural and musical pic‘n’mix. And whilst the festival is at ‘the ends of the earth’, the programme itself is exactly at the crossroads of several musical influences.

  • Fêtes historiques 2008, Vannes (56)

    Vannes Historical Festival – 13-14 July 2019

    Every year in July, the town of Vannes takes to the streets to show off its historic past with pride. During the Fêtes Historiques, plunge into the medieval atmosphere at the very heart of a city just brimming with character.

  • Festival Chants de Marin, Paimpol (22)

    Festival du Chant de Marin (Sea shanty festival) – Paimpol: 2-4 August 2019

    Every two years some 130,000 festival-goers transform the quays of Paimpol into a sea of happiness. The traditional boats and music from the four corners of the world are certainly this festival’s recipe for success.

  • Festival Interceltique de Lorient - Nuit celtique

    Festival Interceltique de Lorient: 2-11 August 2019

    Each summer, around 700,000 people from all over the world invade the Celtic land of Lorient for the Festival Interceltique. From Galicia to Scotland, the cream of Celtic music can be found here, to be enjoyed in a really convivial atmosphere.

  • Route du Rock, Saint-Malo (35)

    Route du Rock – Saint-Malo: August 2019

    Every August, pop is in the air around Saint-Malo. The Route du Rock is back, entirely dedicated to American and British rock bands and attracting around 15,000 festival-goers to the pirate city.

  • Festival des Filets bleus 2009, Concarneau (29)

    Les Filets Bleus (Blue Fishing Nets) – Concarneau: August 2019

    Over a hundred years old, the Filets Bleus festival takes place every August, when it gives the town of Concarneau and its inhabitants an opportunity to go back to their roots. A typically Breton-flavoured costumed parade, with dancing and games that have no need whatsoever for artificial colouring.

  • Sound and light shows at Bon-Repos abbey - Saint-Gelven: August 2019

    Every summer for the past 25 years, Bon-Repos abbey has become a stage at nightfall, where you can watch the story of Central Brittany unfold, from Neolithic times to the Chouan uprising at the end of the 18th century – all shown in an amazing ‘son et lumière’ sound and light show. 

  • Les Ateliers de Rennes – Rennes: October - December 2018

    Since 2008, the contemporary art biennale Les Ateliers de Rennes has attempted to build a creative bridge between the world of work and the work of the artist. From September through to December, across several venues in the city, the works created for the Ateliers give you plenty to think about.

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